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  • NumPy, NumPy assignment help tutor required in Tempe

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I need tutor for Python for Rapid Eng. Solutions This goal of this course is for students to learn how to achieve rapid engineering solutions using Python libraries and functions readily available on the internet. The Python libraries include NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, pandas, and scikit-learn for example. The focus is on rapid solutions on wall-clock time, not necessarily CPU time. At the end of this course, the student will have been exposed to wide variety of computational problems from engineering and physics and have become acquainted with a typical approach to their solution using Python.
Course Topics
1. Python Grammar
2. Integrals
3. Linear Algebra
4. Digital Signal Processing
5. Machine Learning (Perceptron, Logistic Regression, SVM)
6. Machine Learning (Kernel SVM, Decision Tree, Random Forest, and K Nearest Neighbors)
7. Machine Learning (Sentiment Analysis, Principal Component Analysis)
8. Nonlinear Equations
9. Linux and Computer use
10. Scripting for Computer Aided Design
11. Fourier Transforms
12. Ordinary Differential Equations
13. Partial Differential Equations
14. Random Processes

if you think you are good at this class and can help me in future HW and project plz contact me