Online Gujarati tutor required in Umeå

  • Umeå, Sweden
  • kr10/hour (1.06 USD)
  • Posted : Jan 15
  • Level : Intermediate
  • Requires : Part Time
  • Posted by : Satish Patel (Professional )
  • Phone verified +46-*********
  • Gender Preference : None
  • Available online
  • Not available for home tutoring
  • Can not travel
  • Requirement Confirmed : Jan 15

Dear Ms Ruby Sharma

My name is Satish Patel. I speak English, Swedish and Gujarati. I am trilingual but my Gujarati is the weakest. Although born in India. my family moved to the Uk when I was only 3 years. I am a fluent (but deficient) speaker as I only speak with my older relatives.

I would like to:
-improve my vocabulary
-have feedback about my grammar usage
-practice speaking in Gujarati
-learn to write at a very basic level (but this is the least important)

I live in Sweden so there is a 4 hour time difference. I can meet once a week for one hour in the first instance. There will be times, that it may not be possible to meet each week, but only occasionally. I am prepared to work about 1-2 hours per week between each online meeting; for example, vocabulary learning - watching video and understanding, etc

I am a language teacher myself: of English linguistics and English. I am prepared to pay the equivalent of 10 US dollars per hour. We can meet over skype or other online video services that can enable webcam.

Is this something that you can help me with?

Best wishes,

Satish Patel