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Solve econometrics questions

  • Mar 29
  • Baku, Azerbaijan
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IB class 10

  • Mar 17
  • Baku, Azerbaijan

Hello Dr. Arti
I admitted to Hohenheim Uni. for Msc.Economics but i struggle with basics because my major is Finance. So,i need help to get ready for my exam in end of march.

Here is content of my lectures:

Chapter 1
Macroeconomics as a separate field in Economics
What is Macroeconomics?
Three approaches to macroeconomics

  • Mar 11
  • Baku, Azerbaijan
  • MANAT15/hour

hi i am md and i want to start oet exam. please give me formation about this exam and if i am ready to take oet i want to start with you thank you

  • Mar 9
  • Baku, Azerbaijan