Tutor jobs in Belgium

Dear all,

I need an expert in MOPD, management of operation and product development. It is essentially a course with a lot of linear programming and other aspect business oriented.

Please send me a message if you excel in this field.


  • 21 hours ago
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • 15/hour

I need help in Research methods for business and economics

  • Jun 18
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • 45 (Fixed)

Looking for someone with experience in statistic data analysis coding on python.

  • Jun 16
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • 50 (Fixed)

I need help in mathematics for business and economics ll

  • Jun 16
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • 65 (Fixed)

I have one week to complete 9 workshops for excel and access and I need assistance and availability.

  • Jun 11
  • Bilzen, Belgium
  • 5/hour

I would like to get help with preparing for my upcoming mass spectrometry exam

  • Jun 10
  • Zaventem, Belgium
  • 60 (Fixed)

I need a tutor to help in intermediate microeconomics

  • Jun 8
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • 40 (Fixed)

I would like someone that is available on notice (at least a day in advance warning) when I have a C# test. I am a C# student but I'm soon stopping with the course, I'm just following it until I find a job (I don't like C# anymore), otherwise I lose my dividend from the government. I would like someone that can do the test for me, are you...

  • Jun 7
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • 30 (Fixed)

Statistics for business and economics, i need an expert in this field

  • Jun 3
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • 50 (Fixed)

Statistics for Business and Economics II Final

  • Jun 2
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • 35/hour

Hi i would like to discuss with you about a project on sas EG 7.1
thanks in advance

  • May 31
  • Brussels, Belgium

Hi, I want to improve my personal branding within the company and improve my soft skills. Personal branding improvement, public profile improvement. Currently I am working as a packaging specialist

  • May 25
  • Leuven, Belgium

Looking for French teacher for my 6 year old daughter. She is going to French school. Expecting classes online.

  • May 22
  • Brussels, Belgium