Tutor jobs in Brazil

Assistance on Physics and Maths at IGCSE level

  • 4 hours ago
  • Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • R$80/hour

i need to study brazilian for career goals.
plz if possible am waiting first attemp from u to contact me so we start learning as fast as possible

  • May 27
  • Belenzinho, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil
  • R$45,000/hour

I need help to quantify glycosaminoglycans (average of color intensity) from Alcian Blue stained slides.

  • May 25
  • São José do Rio Preto, State of São Paulo, Brazil
  • R$100/hour

I have a project to perform the resolution of first degree equations, converting the equation (in text format), to its respective solution (also in text format). For example, "4x + 3 = -2" is converted to "x = -5/4". For that, I'm using Transformers and neural networks. I need help with the code and help to improve the accuracy of the generated...

  • May 23
  • São Leopoldo, RS, Brazil
  • R$100/day

Hello, I am Gustavo, I am gaduated at Systems Analysis and Development and finishing a post graduation in Java. I have 2+ years of experience as a software developer and I want to know if you can give me lessons to reach the next level.
Have a nice day

  • May 12
  • São Luís, State of Maranhão, Brazil
  • R$50/hour

I need an experienced IB Physics HL teacher to guide me through all of the IB curriculum for Physics HL.

  • May 11
  • Jardim Europa, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil

I need an IB Math Analysis and Approaches (AA) HL teacher, to guide me throughout my IB diploma so that I master all content.

  • May 11
  • Jardim Europa, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil

Dear Mr. Sandeep, I am a student in the electronics field and I am looking for help in an assignment for verilog. Now i am struggling with implementing a UART receiver. Could we arrange a call to discuss if you could help me and the fees? My email is ******


  • May 4
  • Praia de Botafogo, 49 - Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22250-010, Brazil