Tutor jobs in Czechia

Hello Mam, I need your support to teach my daughter Shahina, she is 5 years old and would like to start learning English as a beginner (she knows some KG basics).

Preferably tamil speaking teacher required.

Thanks in advance.


  • 20 hours ago
  • Na Okruhu, 142 00 Praha-Libuš, Czechia

Spoken English Class

  • 23 hours ago
  • Bohemia, 110 00 Prague-Prague 1, Czechia
  • 1,500/month

Help with Basic Data Science test. Duration is 40 minutes. Coverage is basic data science, covered topic is much like the Data Science course in Data Camp. Date is in January 18, 11 am CET.

  • Jan 13
  • Prague 7, Czechia
  • 500 (Fixed)

Hello! I’m looking for a teacher of qa testing ( manual). Could you help me? How much it would be cost ? Thanks,

  • Jan 9
  • Prague 1, Czechia
  • 300/hour

Hello I want to create flappy bird in csharp project. I know there are many tutorials online but theyre not what I need. I am a student and if you have free time we could call on any platfrom that you want... ty very much if you need some other info I will be glad to give it to you

  • Jan 8
  • Karlín, Prague 8, Czechia

4-5 months ago I left my Czech lessons. I am looking to retake them.

  • Jan 7
  • Prague 10, Czechia
  • 125/hour

hello my name is mehdi and I am a medical student in Prague. this year we have a course which is medical terminology which includes Latin grammers with 5 declensions and medical Latin vocabulary.
unfortunately due to this situation and with online classes I couldn't prepare myself well for that and tomorrow I have an online exam and I think I can...

  • Jan 5
  • Prague 2, Czechia

I have 45 mn biostatistics quiz in 4 days you think you can help with?

  • Jan 4
  • Prague 1, Czechia
  • 250 (Fixed)

I'm a medical student and I'm urgently needing help in Histology for me upcoming test, concerning epithelial, connective, muscular, nervous tissue, blood and embryology.
I would be very happy to hear from you!

Greetings Maria

  • Dec 29
  • Prague 1, Czechia

Hi there,

Iam looking for someone who has experience in the network security field. I need your help with my assignment work.
SO the task is need to analyse the security issues and its topology for the given network diagram and need to work on the theoratical parts first.
I need to submit the assignment with in 3 days ( 25.12.2020)


  • Dec 22
  • Prague 4, Czechia