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  • Jan 31
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Hello, i am interested to hear more and how much per lesson. I was thinking if you have time twice a month or so?
Kind regards

  • Jan 30
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • kr.300/month

Hello James
We (my friend) have (has) 4 kids altogether and would like to confirm with you that you will charge 10 canadian dollars per hour for all the 4 kids per class. (they will attend the class at the same time). i.e 10 canadian dollars per hour for 4 kids altogether
What time slots are available for the moment? Could you do 8 times a week?...

  • Jan 29
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Looking for someone who Can do Assignments for a Product Design course. These Assignments Will include Scientific writing, UX and UI, Research methodolgy,microbit, prototyping and wireframes.
Please contact me only if you are clear about the above mentioned skills.

  • Jan 29
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

blazor webassembly teacher at expert level

  • Jan 26
  • Madumvej, 2610 Rødovre, Denmark

Im a beginner in C and C++

  • Jan 3
  • Aarhus, Denmark
  • kr.1,000/hour

I have assignment and structural mechanics this assignment about solving problems,I need explanations for each step and in end of the report I need summary how did you solve the problem.people from Pakistan if you don't have PayPal please don't contact me.Max price is $50 please don't discuss to increase the price

  • Jan 1
  • 9800 Hjørring, Denmark