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I am in American School of Paris. I am currently in 11th grade. I am doing AP Economics - Micro and Macro and I'm really struggling at it. I'm looking forward to a tutor that can really help to understand more about all the concepts. Thank you.

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I'm got the solution architect associate level certification.
I'm preparing for the professional level.
More important I in the middle of the process for an interview with AWS.
I have to do an assignment.
Happy to jump in a call and tell you more about it

  • Sep 15
  • Sep 15
  • Paris, France

Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my algorithms class. This is the textbook we are using: Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen: https://edutechlearners.com/download/Introduction_to_algorithms-3rd%20Edition.pdf
Willing to work online using zoom etc

  • Sep 10
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Hello dear Professors, I am desperately looking for help in Analytical Chemistry for university. Please if anyone good in Analytical chemistry can help please send me a message. Thank you in advance, best regards.

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I watched one of your lessons on how to account for SWAP under IFRS.

I'm actually working in a big 4 accounting firm and my client asked about the way to account for this type of operation.

I haven't found any material on this on the internet, but I think that you have the answers to my questions.

I can pay you with Paypal, I...

  • Sep 3
  • Paris, France
  • 20/hour

I m looking smbody to help me to improve my english

  • Sep 1
  • Paris, France

The objective of this exercise is to implement a simple and robust file-sharing system, using both TCP and UDP.

Overview and Functioning
A client connects to a server using TCP. Once the TCP connection is established, the client uses it to give commands to the server, specifically:

Send a file (from the server) to the client on a specific...

  • Aug 26
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