Tutor jobs in Hungary

I'm currently working on a Blazor server side project and i need some assistant, if you can help me please send me a message .

  • Yesterday
  • Budapest, Karinthy Frigyes út, Hungary
  • Ft3,000/hour

Hi, hope everything goes well with you, i am an Msc student from Algeria studiying in Hungary structural geology. For a mid-term project i have to construct a pre-quaternary map of Zsámbek basin hungary and fault length– displacement ratios graphs using the E-W and N-S cross-sections, DEM, geological map.
I am open for any kind of suggestion,...

  • Apr 9
  • Debrecen, Dob u., 4031 Hungary

I have a test tomorrow, 7PM CET, its chemical unit operations subject ( for chemical engineering). The test will be in 1 hour and it's related to fluid mechanics, sedimentation, flow and filtration.

I attached some example exercises.

  • Apr 8
  • Budapest, Lónyay u., 1093 Hungary
  • Ft10,500 (Fixed)

Hello I am a student at Budapest University Technology and Economics. I have class Architectural İnformatic 2 and the subject is autocad 3D. I have a exam on 20th of April I wonder Could it be possible to help for my exam ? If yes I will try to explain how it will be the exam.

  • Apr 8
  • Apr 8
  • Budapest, Lenhossék u., Hungary
  • Ft5,000/hour

Hi, I need Some help for understanding the core concepts of openGl c++, if some one can help me please let me know .

  • Mar 26
  • Budapest, Páva u., Hungary
  • Ft3,000/hour

I am a 2nd year medical student who needs help in medical immunology. I am looking for an online tutor.

  • Mar 23
  • Mar 20
  • Budapest, District VIII., Hungary
  • Ft6,000/hour