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okay learn english online i want to learn

  • Mar 11
  • Duhok, Iraq
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Simulink is the software i need to work with

Discrete event approach to simulate the effect of each activity of a project on project objectives in terms of cost and duration.
The data are available from achieved projects. i need to learn how to simulate scenarios ( operational research). I have 2 articles as a reference, but i am intending to...

  • Mar 8
  • Basrah, Iraq
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to construct discrete event model using simulink.
The purpose of this model is to predict the impact of each risk on project objectives ( time and duration)

Activity 1 involves 1 risk factor
the impact of this risk is 22 days and 200 USD .

  • Mar 7
  • Saidiya, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Dinar17,000/hour

Creating a prediction using Discrete-Event Model using Matlab

( To predict the effect of each work task on project objectives ( time, cost...)

Ex: the impact of item (x) on project objectives are
22% on time. ( Or .... Days)
47% on quality..

  • Mar 7
  • Jadriyah, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Dinar15,500/hour