Tutor jobs in Israel

im loking for wordpress teacher today

  • Apr 15
  • Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


My name is Dori and I have recently started working for a company that now requires me to try and quickly get a grasp of the admin side of Salesforce towards an intermediate kind of level. Really to the point that I can give some tutorials to customers or workflows, data and some admin stuff.
I like Trailhead, but it can take some time and...

  • Apr 13
  • Ra'anana, Israel
  • 60/hour

Looking for someone to help strengthern my skills in Salesforce admin side for work purposes.
My budget is approximately $30USD an hour. Thanks!

  • Apr 12
  • Ra'anana, Israel
  • 100/hour

My name is David. I have a BA in business management and a programmer with knowledge and experience in 4 languages: C #, C ++, JAVA, PYTHON. Currently I am writing in python only. I also have knowledge and experience in the field of algorithm development in general and artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular.


  • Apr 2
  • Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

I need a Tutor to teach my mother English. She knows some words but she wants to learn speaking English. She needs someone with patient to teach in Video + Audio Skype. Please contact me on Whatsapp and i will contact between you.
Payment is on Paypal.

  • Mar 14
  • Tel Aviv District, Israel

i am looking for veery good execellent teacher for programming need help with logic issue problems how to use things in java it doesnt come along wtih me i dont know to use my ideas on the tools of the java i always think that i need if statmeent or for loop i dont know when to use them and what exatcly they mean i been studying 8 monuth via...

  • Feb 27
  • Nazareth, Israel
  • 5/hour