Tutor jobs in Peru

Hi, I need help with an R homework assignment that is due in a couple of days. Can I get some more information on your services? Thanks.

  • Nov 26
  • X,Y,Z, El Porvenir 13003, Peru

Logit and iprobit

  • Nov 18
  • Jesús María, Peru
  • Sol150/hour

Can you help me with this exercise?

Given an array of integers arr, an integer, sumVal, the task is to pair the elements in arr into interesting pairs, Find the number of interesting pairs in the array. An unordered pair( i,j) is defined to be interesting if abs(arr[i] - arr[j]) + abs(arr[i] + arr[j]) = sumVal (i.e., the sum...

  • Nov 13
  • Lima, San Miguel 15087, Peru
  • Sol50 (Fixed)


I need help with assignments that involve financial derivatives, at university level. Please let me know if you can help.

  • Nov 12
  • Asia District, Peru

Dear Retselisitsoe
I'm looking for help solving exercises from the Microeconomics Book of Gravelle and Rees, Exercise 5B. number 4 (b & c). Page 111. I'd want to know if you could solve this kind of exercise, please. It's not necessary to give me online classes. I'd pay for the solution, maybe by PayPal or another option, you decide the way. I'm...

  • Nov 10
  • Los Olivos, Peru
  • Sol100 (Fixed)

Hi i would like to know if you can help me on a quiz of operations research.

  • Nov 6
  • San Isidro, Peru
  • Sol100/hour