Tutor jobs in Sweden

For class 8 th for my daughter

  • Jun 10
  • Viktor Rydbergsgatan, Göteborg, Sweden
  • kr1000 (Fixed)

I'm looking for a competent and pedagogic German language speaking teacher.

I want to learn to speak and understand the German language at a basic level.
I will be in germany for 1 week in the middle of july (1 month from now) and need to be able to talk and communicate in german by then.

I would like to have skype talking/learning sessions...

  • Jun 10
  • Malmö, Sweden
  • kr80/hour

I want help with PLC programs, electric CAD, Matlab and electronics assignment. I have several assignments that I need help with.

With good results I have several friends who need help. our job becomes a long-term job.

Write to me if you can do this topic.

Thank you

  • May 17
  • Stockholm, Sweden

I have written a webscraping script with Python Selenium. The script runs and returns the desired results but I want to put it in a loop.

I know the basics of Selenium Python but want a longer term automation tutor to show me how to work professionally.

Let me know if you are interested, pricing, etc : )

  • May 14
  • Malmö, Sweden

Hi I want a professor teacher who can help me with research on electricity grids and how should the electricity grids manage for an increase on the electricity Car .. please just serious teachers.

  • Apr 30
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1000 km

need help in jquery,javascript and css3

  • Apr 29
  • Safirgatan, Göteborg, Sweden