Tutor jobs in Sweden

Required help on multiple engineering level assignments in linear algebra to solve the problems and explain the concepts from highly experienced mathematics professor.

  • Dec 1
  • Örebro, Sweden

i have exam i need your help

  • Nov 17
  • 421 47 Västra Frölunda, Sweden


My name is Stefan. I studying finance at master level and need help with performing statistical and financial analysis in R Studio. It involves rolling cross-sectional regressions (with and without dummy variables) and backtesting of an investment strategy. I am a novice to R programming and data analytics and really need help. Project...

  • Nov 15
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • kr1250 (Fixed)

I will write my Exam Work through electronics and economics and need advice and how to solve a problem. Exam Work will take time for two months Hope I can find someone who can help me. I can have two teachers one on the electronic side and the other economy.A good job and good results, I pay more and a nice gift from me.
My exam work is...

  • Nov 5
  • Stockholm, Sweden

hi, i need some help in my University lassons, could u please help me

  • Oct 31
  • Swedenborgsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden

Hi sir, this is Naren. I am living in Sweden. is it possible for you teach online embedded c programming?

  • Oct 24
  • Safirgatan 13, 421 48 Västra Frölunda, Sweden

I need help with testing hypotheses in stata

  • Oct 20
  • Malmö, Sweden
  • kr150/hour

Am preparing for corporate finance exams and looking for an experienced teacher on selected topics like efficient market, portfolios, stock valuation, real option, binomials, am available everyday and willing to pay well.


  • Oct 19
  • Väderilsgatan, 418 36 Göteborg, Sweden
  • kr60/hour

I have some analog electronics assignment that I need help with. but the problem is that assignment needs:
• Power supply
• Function generator and Oscilloscope
• Personal computer with the OrCAD simulation program
• Transistor BC547 (or similar)
• Transistor IRLZ34N (or similar)
• Various R and C
I would have been if I could find a teacher...

  • Oct 18
  • Stockholm, Sweden