Tutor jobs in Switzerland

Want to learn Chinese ( Mandarin) please connect

  • 18 hours ago
  • Thalwil, Switzerland
  • Fr.3 (Fixed)

Please help to find a piano teacher

  • 18 hours ago
  • In der Rütti 29, 5000 Aarau, Switzerland

Hi , I need a teacher for qauntitative methos for management

  • Oct 1
  • Lausanne, Switzerland

Hi, I have an assignment I need help with. It's the Ocean Carrier case study, I don't know if you are already familiar with it. https://services.hbsp.harvard.edu/api/courses/974487/items/202027-PDF-ENG/sclinks/c7cd687bb87cc943c523c9db7f487b0a

  • Sep 28
  • Sep 28
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Fr.130 (Fixed)

I am looking for an IB global politics tutor that can help me achieve a 7 on my PEA. The PEA is on a abortion law

  • Sep 22
  • Zürich, Switzerland
  • Fr.30/hour


I’m currently taking my masters degree in Glion university. And taking a course called Project Life Cycle For New Businesses Launches.

We have a group project about Efteling Grand Hotel it is suppose to be open by next year. We have a ton of templates to fill and a presentation to make.

Everything is ready but needs to be filled...

  • Sep 21
  • Bulle, Switzerland
  • Fr.40/day

I have been playing piano quiet for very long and i would like to become an expert in indian cinema songs. I want to play the accords easily since i like to sing along. And i would like to learn guitar. I have never played guitar before.

  • Sep 20
  • St Gallen, Switzerland
  • Fr.12/week

Hi, looking for long term help on management and finance assignments

  • Sep 20
  • Zürich, Switzerland
  • Fr.30/hour

I love to sing. I had been taking Sangeetham classes from the time I was 10 until I was 16. I won a lot of medals but I stopped music because of the move. I keep asking my parents to sign me up for singing lessons but so far there has been no movement.

I want to find my voice, get out of my comfort zone, be confident. I want to sing Tamil...

  • Sep 19
  • Imp. de la Cigogne, 1525 Henniez, Switzerland
  • Fr.8/hour

Help with English IO

  • Sep 19
  • Basel, Switzerland
  • Fr.20/hour

I am looking for a business and accounting tutor to revise and teach my son. He’s doing a business/economics apprenticeship.
He’s available on sundays.
Thank you for contacting us.

  • Sep 17
  • Zürich, Switzerland

Need help with time series analysis in MySQL or SQLite.

  • Sep 14
  • Zürich, Switzerland

Looking for Russian teacher to teach online

  • Sep 6
  • Zürich, Switzerland