Sanoop Varughese Professional tutor/ NEET Expert/GCSE Trainer
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My classes will be student oriented, and will be taken with respect to the student taste and capability. I'm interested in a participatory learning wherein students are completely involved and are in par with their tutor, such that they enjoy the learning process.
I teach students using illustrations and make them career focused such that they dream higher.
My classes are designed based on the caber of the student. I teach the students bringing out their tastes and thereby making them understand the exigency of learning. My classes are designed from a need oriented aspect in student point of view.


  • Biology Grade 8-Grade 12

  • Chemistry Grade 8-Grade 12

  • Physics Grade 8-Grade 12

  • NEET Chemistry Expert

  • NEET Biology Expert

  • NEET - Physics / Chemistry Expert

  • Physics NEET

  • Science Olympiad Beginner-Expert

  • Physics Chemistry & Biology Grade 8-Grade 12

  • GCSE Biology

  • Chemistry NEET

  • Biology NEET

  • GCSE Physics

  • Biology CBSE Expert

  • Physics (CBSE) 12th Standard

  • Physics (CBSE) Class 11

  • Class XI Chemistry CBSE

  • Chemistry CBSE XII

  • Science (GCE O/L)

  • Combined Science GCSE


  • Teacher (May, 2020Present) at Beta Learning Academy
  • Teacher (May, 2015Present) at Tutors Online
  • Teacher (Oct, 2014Jun, 2017) at EBH Study Centre


  • ARD (Sep, 2013Sep, 2014) from Princeton University, USAscored 9
  • MS (Aug, 2011Aug, 2013) from Cornell University, Ithaca, USAscored 9

Fee details

    6501,500/hour (US$818.45/hour)

    Classes will be entrance oriented, and in a participatory approach. The classes will be designed as per student requirement and capabilities.

11 Reviews
5 out of 5

User Photo September 7, 2022
Payment verified US$ 10

Excellent teaching skills, student and result oriented teacher

My son has been attending Sanoop sir's classes from mid 2020, while he was into grade 11, he had difficulties coping with chemistry. This is when we came across Sanoop sir's profile on TeacherOn and got in touch. Sanoop sir has helped him in Physics and Biology as well along with Chemistry. My son was just an average student untill grade 10 and had great difficulties with the fundamentals in science. But after this class we are very happy to see a great transformation in the child in form of his knowledge in the subject and also results at school. The change is stated in the child's 12th results. The transition has resulted in the child scoring 93.6% aggregate in 12th, with above 90% in core subjects. As parents we never expected a massive transformation in these 2 years. Through these classes my child started loving the subject as sir is student oriented. A heartfelt thanks to Sanoop sir from the bottom of our hearts and also TeacherOn for getting us connected.

User Photo June 4, 2022
Payment verified US$ 10

Excellent tutor

I had approached Sanoop sir as the last resort to my child after trying many options. Since the onset of online learning, we tried many options of tutoring, there were many difficulties faced by my child. But classes with Sanoop sir changed the whole idea. The online classes were just the same as face to face classes with many options through which the student was completely involved in the classes, enjoying learning. Moreover, Sanoop sir's approach in science holistically in physics, chemistry and biology has made the subject very easy and interesting to the child. I really thank teacheron to get connected with such a wonderful teacher who makes the subject and the process of learning enjoyable to the child.

User Photo February 10, 2022
Payment verified US$ 9.06 (750 INR)

Result oriented!

I had joined Sanoop Sir's online classes for NEET 2021 in August 2020, worried I didn't have much time and feeling hopeless about the near future, he was my last resort. Once I started classes, I had a renewed sense of perspective and newfound hope because in addition to the excellent notes he had given me, he would always motivate and encourage me to believe in myself and ultimately do well. He would solve all of my doubts and managed to finish covering all my doubtful chapters which were well over at least 30! By the time we had finished up classes, I was confident I would do reasonably well and I managed to do so!

User Photo October 6, 2021
Payment verified US$ 10

A++ Teacher for Physics, Chemistry & Biology

Sanoop Sir is an Excellent teacher who is very patient and engaging with his student. His mode of teaching focuses mainly on making the student understand clearly the Core concepts of Subjects like Physics, Chemistry & Biology rather than mere Rote learning. I am very glad to have found a teacher like him. Thank you Sir & Teacher on.

User Photo October 2, 2021
Payment verified US$ 10

Very Sincere Tutor

We contacted Sanoop Sir for our daughter NEET preparation for Chemistry and Biology. Very talented teacher who is able to crack the portions in very simple manner. Professional approach and classes were very interesting for her .In addition we were able to reach to him for feedbacks and also for informations related to NEET and its documentations. Sir is very sincere and has enough patience to teach children. We highly recommend him for NEET coaching.

User Photo August 28, 2021
Payment verified US$ 10

The best teacher who has ever taught me!!!

I absolutely loved this sir since the first class we took, the way he explains the topic and makes the whole process more interesting is mind-blowing! His classes are the best! He is a really passionate teacher! The best teacher who has ever taught me!!!

User Photo August 15, 2021
Payment verified US$ 10

Excellent Mentor

I contacted Sanoop for teaching Physics and Chemistry for my son.He is a good mentor who focuses on improving the basics which is helping my child to develop interest in the subjects.As a parent i am Satisfied.

User Photo August 12, 2021
Payment verified US$ 5

Excellent teacher, Student enjoys learning with him

Excellent teacher. I had approached sir for my daughter who had been coaching for NEET at a coaching center (group coaching class) and wasn't making results. She was not able to make through learning and was stressed out through the preparations while at the coaching center. Online learning seemed very difficult to proceed with at the onset of the pandemic. This was when we came in touch with Sanoop sir via TeacherOn. From day one, we could see things changing. She started to enjoy learning and started to work harder than before. Throughout the preparation with Sanoop sir, we could notice that the child developed an immense interest in what she learned which in turn made her work harder. Thanks sir for all your support and help!!
I would recommend sir for NEET preparations as he teaches children, making them enjoy learning.

User Photo October 25, 2020

very well teaching skills as per Childs pace

My son is very happy to learn from sanoop. he is indeed expert in his subjects, he teaches physics chemistry and bio to my son and i am very pleased to see my sons developments in these subjects. sanoop has patience to teach children and no doubt one of the best teacher i can always recommend him.

User Photo September 18, 2020

Highly recommend, Excellent Teacher

I had contacted Sir with regards to NEET coaching for my son, who had taken a break from his undergraduate studies to get a shot at cracking NEET.
I had asked Sir to help him with his physics preparation. Not only did sir help him with physics but also cleared all his doubts related to Chemistry and Biology as well. He maintained an excellent repo with my son and over time they developed a brotherly relation. I sincerely believe that Sanoop sir was a blessing in disguise for us. Beyond studies he motivated my son to perform to the best of his ability.
I will highly recommend sir as an excellent teacher for any one who is looking for a NEET tutor.

User Photo September 8, 2020

Student oriented professional

The Teacher is of high calibre and highly successful in his work and teaching is his passion. He takes time to analyse each students abilities and aptitude, habits and converges the student to a mature, self oriented, self thinking positive human personal from his/her innate secure home being. As a working parent who is much tensed about my teenage child's performance , well aware of the limitations of my locality, Sir goes one step ahead to shovel off the fears & insomnia embedding the child & parent alike thereby transforming the caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.