Mendy Bala Tutor- Maths

My name is Mendy and I am a student at university, with plenty of tutoring experience.

I have been tutoring children for 4 years, for additional support to major exams such as SATS, 11+ and GCSE exams, specifically maths, english and the sciences.

I tailor my teaching to the student and I love to use practical ideas to explain a concept, to give not only a general understand but a grounding of the topic, thus students are able to grasp the grounding of topics.

I always create an flowing learning environment, with creative lessons that are always encouraging students to think for themselves - a skill not only needed to pass exams.

Coming across children from all ages, I know how adapt to the needs of various ages, and make sure they are comfortable, give them room to ask questions and feel free of nerves.

All my students have gotten into great grammar schools and achieved top grades at GCSE.

I myself achieved level 9 in both maths and English as well as straight A’s across all my subjects, especially the sciences!

I hope you decide to have me as your tutor, I’m here to help!



  • Math (Grade 1-GCSE)


  • Tutor (Jun, 2016 - Present) at London
    Freelance tutoring, in maths, English and all sciences from year 1 - GCSE level


  • Higher Secondary (May, 2018 - Jul, 2020) from City of Westminster

Fee details

    £5-20/hour (US$6.25-25.0/hour)

    Charges based on subject level, Year 1 starting at £5 and GCSE subjects up to £20, depending on subject and subject level


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