Anshuman Singh, M.Tech, (PhD) M.Tech,(PhD), IIT Delhi, Assistant Professor
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I am a Mechanical Engineering Professional having 6 years of skilled experience in academics & research. My Job responsibilities include developing as well as implementation of innovative Teaching Pedagogy methods.Apart from being a part of Academics & Excellence in University I am associated with Chegg India Pvt.Ltd. (Mechanical Subject Matter Expert).
I have 4 years of experience as an online Mechanical tutor.
I truly as well as faithfully consider Teaching as my passion. And when we know our passion it is easy to live and lead your life peacefully.
I truly live for those WOW..!! moments when my students first understand a new concept or see how the lesson applies directly to their lives. I get excited when students see improvement or when they are able to struggle through to mastery. Because I teach Mechanical Engineering Subjects, I see this on a regular basis. As these successes build on one another my students grow in confidence. Helping students discover their strengths and then develop those strengths into regular habits of mind is extremely rewarding for me. Knowing that I have helped students move forward with skills they will use for the rest of their lives is gratifying and truly fulfilling for me.


  • Strength of Materials (Expert)

  • Mechanics of materials (Expert)

  • Mechanics (Expert)

  • Mechanics of Solids (Expert)

  • Design of Machine Elements (Expert)

  • Kinematics of Machinery (Expert)

  • Machine design (Expert)

  • Dynamics of Machines (Expert)

  • Theory of Machines I, II (Expert)

  • Mechanical Vibrations (Expert)

  • Material Science and Manufacturing Processes (Expert)

  • Mechanics of Machines (Expert)

  • Mechanism of machines (Expert)

  • Dynamics and vibrations (Expert)

  • Advanced Mechanics of solids (Expert)

  • Fluid Mechanics & Machinery (Expert)


  • Project In-charge (Mechanical Subject Matter Expert) (Jul, 2019Present) at Chegg India PVT LTD
  • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (Jun, 2016Present) at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar


  • PhD (Jun, 2019now) from IIT Delhi, Block 1
  • M.Tech (Jun, 2012May, 2014) from SRM UNIVERSITY, Chennaiscored 80
  • B.Tech (May, 2008Jun, 2012) from VIT Univerity, Vellorescored 83.6

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    2,5003,000/hour (US$32.0338.44/hour)

29 Reviews
4.7 out of 5

User Photo August 3, 2021
Payment verified US$ 82.36

Dynamics and Vibrations

I did not do well. I got the worst score.

User Photo June 15, 2021
Payment verified US$ 47

Machine elements design

He is great Teacher, honest and fast.

User Photo May 29, 2021

The undisputed best expert

I don't know where to start speaking, but this person I swear to you has never been normal.
All his answers are very correct and accurate.
He has very high capabilities that surpass anyone.
Thanks to him and I'm sure I'll get a 100% score.
He helped me with MACHINE DESIGN.
To be honest, I dealt with several experts, but I really didn't see anything like it.
I advise all people without thinking to contact him, as he is the savior.

User Photo May 24, 2021

Expert instructor in mechanical engineering courses

He is very expert and intelligent in mechanical engineering courses, I got high marks, I really recommend from everyone to take help from him.

User Photo May 24, 2021

Mechanical Vibrations and Machine design.

I have taken help in online tutoring as well as in test, with this Professor, He has good knowledge in the stated subjects.i got pretty decent marks of 91% and 93.5%.
I would strongly recommend him.
Good brain...!!!!
Thank you so much, so your service sir..!!

User Photo April 16, 2021

was really helpful , and i got a good marks , thank you

He understands the all concept

User Photo March 16, 2021

Good job

It’s was good to teach me vibration subject and I got good grade . Thanks

User Photo March 15, 2021

Reliable person

Was really helpful, helped me understand all the questions and answers

User Photo March 6, 2021

Not committed to his words. Take care

This tutor is not committed to his words. for the third time he fails to accomplish what he promised without prior notice and after confirmation many times but in reality he vanishes without any notice. TAKE CARE

User Photo March 3, 2021
Payment verified US$ 35

Good teacher

He is really a good man, he helped me in the dynamic test and other assignments,I got a very excellent grade, I wish you all the best.

User Photo February 21, 2021
Payment verified US$ 50


This guy helped me with vibration and i paid him post exam and he was honest, fast replies and he got me the marks i want! Thank you

User Photo February 12, 2021

Fast and accurate

Gave me good grades in my Dynamics quiz. Thank you

User Photo February 6, 2021

Great doctor

I got very high grade in mechanics of design 2

User Photo February 6, 2021

Very helpful!!

Very useful when i needed help in any question, and has a strong background in dynamics! Very good and clear explanations with reasonable process I definitely recommend!

User Photo January 31, 2021

Good teacher

Hand good experience with the machine design assignment.

User Photo December 14, 2020


I got good marks in exam, he is also nice person.
quick answer and very good price

User Photo October 12, 2020

Best Tutor for Mechanical Engineering courses.

Wanna learn and get high grades? Anshuman is the right tutor. I have had a great experience with him, so I'd recommend him.

User Photo September 22, 2020

Help me on applied vaibration

Good teacher very helpful

User Photo September 9, 2020


He helped me with my assignment and replied to me fast and explained everything easily!

User Photo September 4, 2020
Payment verified US$ 55

Very good

Very good hardworking teacher. Very helpful at assignments. Thanks for everything.

User Photo September 4, 2020

knowledgeable about the subject and delivered the work on time

I will 100% recommend him if you need any help with your project/HW. He helped me with my Vibrations and System Dynamics project, the results exceeded my expectations . And he is really good with MatLab. Such a pleasant experience working with him.

User Photo August 18, 2020
Payment verified US$ 5

Machine design and Kinematics of Machinery

having good knowledge in the subject and helped in assignments. This is my second review against this faculty, as i have taken help in my machine design assignment, i have secured 46 out of 50, which made my gpa high. Highly recommended as he is quite geneuine with his fees.

User Photo August 18, 2020

Machine design & Dynamics and Vibration

I have taken help in machine design and dynamics subject for online tutoring as well as assignments. His concepts in the subject is good. I am a premium member of Urban Pro, but i have been cheated by unqualified tutors. All over i had good tutoring experience with him.

User Photo August 14, 2020

Good teacher

Explained solutions to problems well

User Photo August 6, 2020

Too good

Very good concepts and helped a Lott. Very good teacher. Excellent in kom.

User Photo August 1, 2020

Great communication

I've tried multiple people on techeron, and he is one of the most responsive guys, will try to answer your questions right away. Also very fair and reasonable with his time and fee.

User Photo July 28, 2020

Close your eyes and confirm him

I am saying this by personal experience. He is knowledgeable and stands on his commitments towards work.

User Photo July 23, 2020

Mechanics of Solids, Machine design and Mechanical Vibrations

Tutoring and learning experience was damn good. I highly appreciate his knowledge and dedication towards his commitment.

User Photo July 23, 2020

Mechanical Engineering- Kinematics of Machinery & Machine design

Great learning Experience.