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Hello student/parent,

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This is Souradeep Dandapat. We are a team of tutors. We can offer you the following services at a very nominal price.

1) One-One mentorship program:-
In this service, we will provide you, one-one tuition classes, for the following subjects:-

a) Physics (High School-University level)
b) Chemistry (High School-University level)
c) Mathematics (Pre School-University level) [SAT Mathematics available too]
d) Biology (High School-University level)
e) English (Pre School-University level)
f) Computer Programming ( C,C++,JAVA,PYTHON,Coding for Kids)
g) Psychology
h) Geography
i) History
j) Economics
k) Accountancy

[We offer this program for the following boards only- CBSE, ICSE, ISC, IB(SL/HL), IGCSE, Cambridge AS/A Levels, Pearson Edexcel AS/A levels]

2) Group mentorship program:-(Only available for Indian boards- CBSE and ISC)
In this service, you will be enrolled with a batch of other students.

a) Physics
b) Chemistry
c) Mathematics
d) Biology
e) English
f) Computer Programming

3) Assignment Solutions
I personally look over the chemistry assignments. In this section, we provide solutions to assignments for the following subjects:-

a) Physics (High School-University level)
b) Chemistry (High School-University level)
c) Mathematics (Pre School-University level)
d) Biology (High School-University level)
e) English (Pre School-University level)
f) Computer Programming ( C,C++,JAVA,PYTHON,Coding for Kids)

P.S - We will provide you a completely free demo class for every subject. Only if you are satisfied with the demo you can go ahead and finalize the tutor.

Assignment help will only be accepted after we are 100% sure of fetching a good mark for the subject.


  • Programming Beginner-Expert

  • JAVA Beginner-Expert

  • Biology Beginner-Expert

  • Chemistry Preschool, Kindergarten, KG, Nursery-Doctorate/PhD

  • Physics Preschool, Kindergarten, KG, Nursery-Doctorate/PhD

  • Computer Science Beginner-Expert

  • Math Preschool, Kindergarten, KG, Nursery-Doctorate/PhD

  • Fluid Mechanics Beginner-Expert

  • Python Expert

  • Calculus Beginner-Expert

  • IB Beginner-Expert

  • Heat transfer Beginner-Expert

  • General Chemistry Beginner-Expert

  • HTML CSS and JavaScript Expert

  • Chemistry IGCSE

  • Data Science and Machine Learning Beginner-Expert

  • Data Structure and Algorithms Expert

  • C++ and C Expert

  • All Computer Science Engineering subjects Beginner-Expert

  • Chemistry (IBDP HL/SL)


  • Guest Faculty (Apr, 2016Present) at Tech Tutorials


  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Aug, 2012Jun, 2016) from Jadavpur university, Jadavpurscored 9.1

Fee details

    1,5006,000/hour (US$18.3473.38/hour)

53 Reviews
4.9 out of 5

User Photo November 22, 2021
Payment verified US$ 23.55



User Photo November 2, 2021
Payment verified US$ 130


Thermodynamics Assignment. Perfect guy for it.

User Photo October 26, 2021
Payment verified US$ 45

Best tutor ever!!!!!!

he helps me a lot with ap physics, I absolutely recommend him.

User Photo October 23, 2021
Payment verified US$ 30

Fast and reliable

This tutor is fast and efficient, very recommended

User Photo October 22, 2021
Payment verified US$ 30

Java exam

Great tutor and I really recommend him. So polite and he helped me a lot. ?

User Photo October 20, 2021
Payment verified US$ 42

Amazing tutor

Do not have any doubts when asking for help from him. I have been working with tutors for the best 2 years and I haven’t seen someone as professional and honest as sardeep who’ll do ace whatever job you give him.

User Photo October 5, 2021
Payment verified US$ 27


Excellent tutor??

User Photo October 3, 2021
Payment verified US$ 53


Great guy, very professional

User Photo October 1, 2021
Payment verified US$ 35


very good and fast will come back again

User Photo September 28, 2021
Payment verified US$ 85

Response is timely and helps explain material in a easy way

He was fantastic! Super nice and easy to communicate as well! Definitely will continue to work with him :)

User Photo September 21, 2021
Payment verified US$ 18

Excellent tutor

I got full mark in my quiz

User Photo September 16, 2021
Payment verified US$ 11.78



User Photo June 26, 2021
Payment verified US$ 132

V good

Hes so good??

User Photo June 17, 2021
Payment verified US$ 30


He was so fast and i got a nice mark in chemistry exams

User Photo June 15, 2021
Payment verified US$ 20

Super quick and intelligent!

He was super quick and helped me solve 4 questions in less than 10 minutes!

User Photo April 13, 2021
Payment verified US$ 35

Everthings is wonderful

It is great and it helps quickly

User Photo April 9, 2021


He took the project, made a group, and three of them could not do anything. they copy-pasted few methods from different pages on the web, signatures would not match, there were unidentified variables and the code would not run. the project was implemented and they had to do two methods. and now he does not even answer.

User Photo March 25, 2021

So perfect


User Photo March 21, 2021
Payment verified US$ 75

Great tutoring

Will definitely continue with their services. Instant responses and super resourceful!

User Photo March 3, 2021
Payment verified US$ 265

The best

Simply the best in grades and everything

User Photo March 3, 2021
Payment verified US$ 60

Good help

Results are good

User Photo December 10, 2020

in physics


User Photo November 20, 2020

Genius in Calculus 1

He help me in my exam and I take full mark, I’m so so happy to take her in my exam, also he very fast in solving I can’t believe it he so much fabulous and genius, thank you so much ♥️.

User Photo November 16, 2020

Hands down the best organic help!

provides correct and detailed solutions for organic questions. Definitely recommend him to anyone struggling! Also, replies fast, very kind, and makes sure the work is of quality. He got me full marks in my test.

User Photo November 12, 2020
Payment verified US$ 15


he was quick for solving C++

User Photo November 12, 2020
Payment verified US$ 70.59


I had a spectacular experience with Souradeep, he helped me with my chemistry midterm and managed to score 95% an A+. Please do not think twice about working with him he is amazingly knowledgeable and friendly as well, this will for sure not be the last time I cooperate with him and I encourage you all to do so.

User Photo November 11, 2020
Payment verified US$ 111.85 (158.83 AUD)


He helped me with all my assignments. I was able to score around 70-75%. he is very helpful and finished my assignments on time. Would recommend him.

User Photo November 9, 2020
Payment verified US$ 20

The best

He is an amazing tutor in chemistry.

User Photo November 8, 2020
Payment verified US$ 35

Excellent tutor

Professor Souradeep helped me and i got 90% and he is fast, i really recommend him✅

User Photo November 4, 2020
Payment verified US$ 239.06 (125 AED + 205 USD)


I hired Mr. Souradeep for my physics 2 course, despite the course being fairly hard, this man is able to solve through any exam with utmost ease, literally it’s like cutting through butter for him. He’s extremely fast, no question takes him more than 4 minutes. I managed to score 23/24,22/24,23.5/24 on my 3 physics exams consecutively. He’s also helped me with my chemistry course last semester and I managed to secure 91% overall because of him. Amazing tutor!

User Photo November 4, 2020
Payment verified US$ 50

The best

One of the best teachers

User Photo November 3, 2020
Payment verified US$ 68.12 (250 AED)

he is amazing, fast and smart!

he helped me in a lot of my assignments, he is such a talented person! recommended ?

User Photo November 3, 2020

I started liking chemistry first time after learning from Sir

I never understood chemistry until I took classes from Souradeep Sir. His teaching style is very well organized. He gives time to write notes and then explains the concepts . He also gives good practice questions as well.

User Photo November 3, 2020
Payment verified US$ 57

Perfect tutor

He is really helpful, fast and smart.
I trusted him in all my questions and got a very good grade the best in the class actually.
I really advise you to seek his assistance in Chemistry 1

User Photo November 2, 2020
Payment verified US$ 284

The best

Very nice and friendly and hardworking which i liked the most. I advise everyone to check this tutor out believe me you will all get A+ for sure .

User Photo November 1, 2020
Payment verified US$ 37.24 (21 USD + 1320 INR)


I really appreciate Mr souradeep for helping me so professional In calculus and probability and statics dynamics. His teaching is perfect, you understand everything step by step by him and you never be confused. I’m really happy to find this tutorial and get help from him.

User Photo October 31, 2020

Helped me with my assignment

Its been nice doing businesses with him I recommend this man

User Photo October 22, 2020
Payment verified US$ 25

High level of Knowledge

He helped me with my Chemistry test. I would say he has a very deep knowledge on Physical Chemistry. His solutions are simple and easy to understand. I am really happy with his services.

User Photo October 19, 2020

Great tutor

"Souradeep has been helping me with my Chemistry course. Till now he has been really good and accurate with his answers. He is punctual on time and charges a nominal amount"

User Photo October 18, 2020

Excellent Teacher

Souradeep is an excellent teacher with a very vast knowledge in chemistry. He is very well read in all levels of chemistry from school level to college level chemistry. He has been helping me with college level chemistry and is very accurate with his answers. His rates are amazing , he is punctual and explains so well which makes , a hard subject like chemistry easy to understand.

User Photo October 17, 2020

Chemistry. I got A

He is an excellent tutor, I recommend his services 100%. punctuality, efficiency, and speed. He has extensive knowledge of the topics of Chemistry.

User Photo October 12, 2020
Payment verified US$ 221

he is very fast and good teacher physics

I contacted Souradeep for my physics and english tests.
He is very fast and accurate and helped me secure a very good grade.

User Photo October 8, 2020
Payment verified US$ 30


In fact, he is proficient in chemistry and he was able to solve my quiz in the half-time of the test, and he gives you great confidence for correct answers.

User Photo October 6, 2020

Got me a 90% in my Mathematics exam

After talking to so many tutors on TeacherOn I couldnt find anyone suitable who could handle my Mathematics exam.
It was really important for me.
At the last moment I found Souradeep Sir. He replied to my message instantly and we fixed a deal.
He did my exam very well.
He got me a 90% overall score.
I am really satisfied with Souradeep sir.
He is indeed the best?

User Photo October 5, 2020

Great tutor

He helped me with my chemistry test. He knows what he does !! The best !

User Photo October 5, 2020
Payment verified US$ 215

the best , and one of the kind.

Professor Souradeep is one of the best on teacheron. honestly and truth person. he did to many assignments and helped out with many exams. it was done perfectly from him. he always on the time. he did his work perfectly. if anyone needs help, i think he is the right one for the job. working with him is amazing.

User Photo October 5, 2020

Awesome ???

Mr. Dandapat is best teacher. He knows his field and seemed to have genuine interest in the curriculum. This is worthwhile course, I’ve been taking chemistry classes from him and now I feel so much more confident going into each class knowing that I have great study skills in chemistry and ready to tackle anything. I would definitely recommended Mr. Dandapat.

User Photo October 5, 2020
Payment verified US$ 105

Truly one of the best

I am from Qatar and
I took help from Souradeep sir in my college course of Electrodynamics.
He solved more than 12 of my assignments and 4 of my major exams.
Overall grade I received in the semester was over 90%.
It was really nice working with him. He is friendly , available most of the time and charges a nominal fee.
He is one of the most genuine tutors available on TeacherOn.

User Photo October 4, 2020
Payment verified US$ 54


i got a full mark in my chemistry assignment i am so glad that i've chosen Souradeep

User Photo September 2, 2020

Great !

I live in the US and was looking for online math and dance tutors for my kids aged 11 and 9 . Souradeep was reliable and provided me with two tutors within a short span of time . My kids really enjoy the lessons and we are satisfied with the quality of work ! Would recommend Souradeep for anyone looking for an online tutor !

User Photo September 1, 2020

Souradeep is trustworthy; hardworking and committed person

Souradeep has provided me good educators for my kid. He believes in quality and timely work. Above all he understands one’s requirement for a reliable subject teacher and shows abundant respect to the approaching person. Thanks Souradeep for your efforts.

User Photo August 31, 2020

He is relaible

His words and deeds match 100%.
Provided me with teachers that I badly needed. I thank him for the help and support he rendered.

User Photo August 31, 2020


Professor Souradeep Dandapat is one of my best professors he always tries to make us do our best in our classes and i’m very happy that i had the chance to take a class with him.