Ricaflor Pingal Teacher

As a Teacher I have a thorough experience. I have taught all level of education from Nursery,Elementary , High School and College. To top of it, I can manage diversity of behavior of different students. I have trainings that equipped me to be an effective teacher. I am a licensed professional teacher. At the moment I am taking my Masters Program in a graduate school a post program in Masters in Education . This will enhance my teaching strategies and effectivity as a teacher. Being a teacher requires patience and passion,my goal as a teacher is to impart knowledge to my students. It is very important that my students would develop the skills that will enable them to be a productive person in the community and help them reach their ambitions and fulfill their plans.
For me a Teacher is someone that a learner could rely on, a person of trust, they are torch bearer of knowledge. A source of inspiration and motivation to students.The reason why I chose to be a Teacher is to help them build their future.


  • English (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • English Literature (Beginner-Intermediate)


  • Teacher (Jun, 2015 - Mar, 2016) at STI College
    Teacher in English grammar,Speech, Literature and Business English in college students .


  • AB English (Jun, 1997 - Mar, 1998) from Aquinas University

Fee details

    200/hour (US$2.85/hour)

    based on time