Adeel Aish DLD,Circuit analysis computer, project management
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I am an Electrical Engineer by qualification. I am helping students to learn software tools used in digital logic and DC and AC circuits. Digital logic is a very interesting subjects it is fun to learn the implementation of logic gates like AND, OR, NOT, NAND and many more. K-Maps is the tool we can use for simplification of complex boolean equations and digital circuits. Sequential circuits are also very interesting.
In DC and AC circuits tools like nodal analysis, Mesh analysis are basic to solve a circuit. I am looking forward to help you in Digital logic, DC and AC circuits.


  • Logisim Beginner-Expert

  • Digital Electronics Beginner-Expert

  • VHDL Beginner-Expert

  • Verilog Beginner-Expert

  • Electrical Beginner-Expert

  • Digital circuits Beginner-Expert

  • Electronic devices and circuits Beginner-Expert

  • Electronic circuits Beginner-Expert

  • PSpice Beginner-Expert

  • Multisim Beginner-Expert

  • Digital Logic design Beginner-Expert

  • DLD (Digital Logic Design) Beginner-Expert

  • Digital Circuit Design Beginner-Expert

  • Electric Circuit Analysis Beginner-Expert

  • Digital design Beginner-Expert

  • Writing Essays Beginner-Expert

  • Electronics NI myDAQ experiments Beginner-Expert

  • Circuits Beginner-Expert

  • Circuit Analysis Beginner-Expert

  • Intel Quartus Prime Beginner-Expert


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  • Bs Engineering (Sep, 2013Aug, 2018) from NUST Islamabad

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    Rs5,00020,000/hour (US$17.6470.58/hour)

    Fee depends upon time and level of teaching.

49 Reviews
4.9 out of 5

User Photo January 23, 2023
Payment verified US$ 36

Electrical circuits

I got an 90+ mark from electrical circuits due to this amazing man, highly recommended 100%.

User Photo December 11, 2022
Payment verified US$ 85


An honest teacher and excellent and fast

User Photo October 17, 2022
Payment verified US$ 40

Good grades in my first exam

I did one exam with him and he got me 68/70 alhamdollilah

User Photo September 9, 2022
Payment verified US$ 34.79

Best Teacher

Very good

User Photo February 1, 2022
Payment verified US$ 50


He helped me with my assignment and he kept his promise to get good grade on it. ? guaranteed. He knows what he is doing and is trust worthy.

User Photo January 17, 2022
Payment verified US$ 157

Digital electronics design

Adeel sir is really knowledgeable and has helped me alot with logic design circuits course.
I will definitely recommend him !

User Photo June 29, 2021
Payment verified US$ 132 (20000 Coins)

Highly recommended.

Great teacher helped me to get an A on electric circuit.

User Photo June 6, 2021

He is so good in Circuit analysis

He is so kind, smart and fast replies.

User Photo June 6, 2021

best dld teacher

Very good/skillfull teacher with fast replies

User Photo April 21, 2021

Digital logic design

He’s a good teacher and he knows what he’s going.

User Photo April 18, 2021

Best tutor for elec engineering

solving every question in 1 second, super nice guy and very friendly, also very reliable and honest! He saved my life.

User Photo April 17, 2021
Payment verified US$ 110


Very good in circuit analysis and fast
Highly recommended

User Photo April 14, 2021

He is fast and accurate

He is good in logic

User Photo April 2, 2021


He’s an amazing teacher!

User Photo March 15, 2021

digital logic design

He helped to get a really high score more than 90% marks he is real expert in the logic design I took with him 3 exams and all was good

User Photo March 14, 2021

He is friendly, cooperative and strongly expert on his field of electrical engineering

He is gentle and nice to deal with. Besides, he is very respectful and time accurate. He helped me of scoring 100% with my assessment very quickly and accurately. And I guarantee you that everybody will be happy to work with Him...

User Photo March 11, 2021


Very good with digital electronics

User Photo March 3, 2021

Great teacher

he is so smart and so quick, he answered 10 questions in 15 minutes or less and all of them are correct I am so thankful for him and I'll come again

User Photo January 27, 2021

Circuit analysis

Circuit analysis is his game ,very fast ,and helpfull

User Photo December 29, 2020


T. Adeel is very polite and cooperates with the students very well and he is the one your looking fo

User Photo December 26, 2020

The best

The best teacher you can deal with is professional in communication and in response, he helps not hide information, solves questions and explains it to you Thank you

User Photo December 20, 2020


Very helpful & fast & on time and flexible. Great person to deal with it and he is very fast in solving problems.

User Photo December 20, 2020

He is a really helpful teacher

He is taking few minutes to answer and explain.

User Photo December 19, 2020


He helped me with electric circuit exam I got 60/80. and With my digital logic design exam i got 34/35.
definitely recommend him

User Photo December 19, 2020

Very good

Very good in circuit analysis and fast
Highly recommended ??

User Photo December 13, 2020


Solved my 15 minutes circuits analysis in 6 minutes with a full grade, very kind, trustworthy and never greedy! Thank you Adeel.

User Photo December 12, 2020

He knows his stuff.

I advise you to take courses with this TA. In the beginning, I wasn't sure that I should take courses with him. So I gave him 4 hard questions to check if he really knows the materials, and he answered each one of them correctly. Then he helped me with my quiz and he got me a full mark.
The best thing about this TA is that he doesn't take time to help you with the questions. He is so comfortable with the material and his knowledge.

User Photo December 11, 2020


I advise everyone to work with him, you will get full marks absolutely.

User Photo December 10, 2020

He helped me with circut analysis

he did Really great job!I got a full mark in circut analysis one of the best!!

User Photo December 9, 2020


I advise you to do your work with him because he is the best one that I deal with him till now he solves everything so fast, he does many subjects for me, he is giving me a good price and the best thing he is getting me high scores.

User Photo December 4, 2020


He’s the best, he got me a great mark

User Photo November 30, 2020

Highly recommended

Very good/skillfull teacher with fast replies and

User Photo November 30, 2020

Best circuit professor

To make the story shorter
If you want a full mark on any quizzes don’t hesitate to lit him solve your exams
He is definitely will give you a full mark.

User Photo November 29, 2020

Worst Tutor on TeacherOn

He has lied on his resume. He said he would help me with a assignment, but he never showed up. he even didn't bother to tell me that he could not do it. I was left with no help. IF YOU GUYS DON'T WANNA EXPERIENCE WHAT I DID, PLEASE DONOT COUNT ON THIS GUY.

User Photo November 28, 2020

very fast and professional

Really helped with the course I enrolled in which was digital systems. Fast reply to all my questions and overall was a wonderful experience getting help from them. I recommend 100%.

User Photo November 28, 2020

Best teacher ever

I like his experience and he is honest and good teacher

User Photo November 27, 2020

Good tutor

He is very good tutor you can deal with him.

User Photo November 3, 2020

Digital logic

Adeel was really helpful he helped me in my exams and I get full grade.
he is super timely, and easy to work with.
He did the work perfectly

User Photo November 3, 2020


Hes very good and fast solver, solved my 95 min test in less than an hour and scored me a 100.

User Photo October 26, 2020

Digital systems

I had a wonderful experience, he was very helpful in my two exams, he answered me and sent the solution in a short period of time. he's fast and answers the questions accurately.

User Photo October 20, 2020

Very fast in solving problems.

Great person to deal with it + very fast in solving problems. Also, he is very kind and flexible.

User Photo October 20, 2020


He is really smart and good teacher

User Photo October 18, 2020

The communication and the chemistry

He did great. Plus if he had a question he would ask just to make things clear and make everything easier and better

User Photo October 17, 2020

Finish the work on time

He did the work perfectly

User Photo October 15, 2020


He is very good in dld if any one need teacher for dld till hem

User Photo October 14, 2020

Good man

Thanks for helping me in few minutes, You are the best

User Photo October 10, 2020


He is really helpful & great tutor

User Photo October 9, 2020

Definitely Recommend

He is a great writer, super timely, and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend!

User Photo October 9, 2020

Best tutor

Adeel was really helpful he helped me with my graphic design assignment and he perfected it he finished it before my deadline and was so sweet he waited till I saw the work and asked me if their is any more suggestions, he’s trust worthy and gave me a good price I recommend him if you’re looking for a tutor