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I have completed B.Tech in Electrical Engineering & Masters in Power & Control From
IIT Guwahati one of the best universities in India. I got the 99.05 percentile in the Gate Electrical Engineering Exam. I can Help students solving assignments in Electrical subjects like Power Electronics, Control system, Analog, Network Theory & Engineering Mathematics. Clear your fundamentals and develop problem-solving skills and analytical skills to crack the exam.
Get guidance and the opportunity to learn from experienced...
I can provide tuition for Electrical engineering subjects (Power Electronics, Digital electronics, Network Theory, Control System & Engineering Mathematics). The toughest subject of Electrical engineering can be made simple in online classes...
I can also solve it.

1 .I can help you with your assignments or exams or quiz or tutoring.
2. Very strict to the deadlines.

Message me for any help in assignments, live sessions. I am here to help students for all assignments, tests and exams and I will make sure you always get >95% In your subject. Contact me for any help regarding given subjects .You can send me an email or contact me on Whatsapp directly.
Contact me for any help in your semester, projects and for many more things . Please do mention Teacheron when you contact me directly . Also feel free to contact me for any advise related to tutoring and how it works here.thank you.


  • JAVA Beginner-Expert

  • Physics Beginner-Expert

  • Electrical Engineering Beginner-Expert

  • Mechanical Engineering Beginner-Expert

  • SQL Beginner-Expert

  • Analog Electronics Beginner-Expert

  • Computer Beginner-Expert

  • Electronics Beginner-Expert

  • Power Electronics Beginner-Expert

  • Machine Learning Beginner-Expert

  • C++ Beginner-Expert

  • Computer Science and Engineering Beginner-Expert

  • Control System Beginner-Expert

  • Engineering mathematics Beginner-Expert

  • Circuit Beginner-Expert

  • Signal & System Beginner-Expert

  • Power system Beginner-Expert

  • Calculus 2 Beginner-Expert

  • Differential Equation Beginner-Expert

  • MATLAB/Simulink Beginner-Expert


No experience mentioned.


  • M.Tech (Jun, 2017May, 2019) from IIT Guwahati, Assam

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    2,0005,000/hour (US$24.4661.15/hour)

59 Reviews
4.7 out of 5

User Photo February 28, 2022
Payment verified US$ 82.53

A great teacher. Many thanks to him.

He is very good tutor, I have passed the exam because of him. I paid him in advance, blindly trust him. He will deliver the very good quality of work.

User Photo August 31, 2021
Payment verified US$ 120

Beat tutor ever

Best for electrical engineering exams ❤️

User Photo June 28, 2021
Payment verified US$ 20

Very helpful for signals

Got help for signals; it was good.

User Photo June 19, 2021
Payment verified US$ 30

Best tutor ever

He is best tutor in electrical subjects, I am so happy that I got full marks in all exams . His team is very good, very recommended

User Photo June 15, 2021
Payment verified US$ 125.13 (1230 NOK)

verry fast answers

verry fast answers

User Photo June 9, 2021

Worth hiring ?

Do not worry , you’ll get all of the answers within minutes.

User Photo June 5, 2021

Best tutor for Electrical Machine & Power system

I got full marks in both the subjects, his team is very good. I appreciate his efforts. Price is very reasonable you can easily afford him.

User Photo June 5, 2021
Payment verified US$ 30

Great tutor

one of the best tutors that i ever dealt with great skills..good communication great guy in general I would recommend him to everyone

User Photo June 1, 2021
Payment verified US$ 30

Best circuit tutor

He solved my circuit exam and I got high mark in my class. He is best in his field.

User Photo June 1, 2021
Payment verified US$ 20

Full marks in electrical machine exam

He is best tutor in electrical machine, I am so happy that I got full marks in my final. His team is very good, take him for your exam as well.

User Photo June 1, 2021

Best control system tutor

I got full marks in my final in control system. He is available 24 hours to help student. Best tutor ever. Blindly trust him.

User Photo May 24, 2021

Safe dealing no cheating

Excellent Teacher he can help you alot
And he didn't play or cheat on you

User Photo May 22, 2021

Power systems

He helped in power systems and got me great grades I recommend him

User Photo May 20, 2021


He is good person and great work ?

User Photo May 20, 2021
Payment verified US$ 205

Thank you for everything ??

He’s very clever when he solve the questions and he can solve any thing you want in any material that you need for engineering i am really thankful for you ??

User Photo May 16, 2021

the person always ignore your request

I never had been more annoy to work with someone...I really usually never leave review unless it horrible work or really amazing but in this case damn the day I try to work with this tutor. First he wanted advance payment but after I pay 70% I announce I week advance to cancel he didn't want to return and suddenly push me a cancellation fee (while you pay advance 175$) than during the session time I ask him to stop b/c I found his way not as I needed after I send him my notes before but he always push and ignore your request...if you don't work with someone that ignore and just push just give yourself a break find some one else...after I was actually need to block him after I ask 3 time to stop and than now he want the other 30% payment while he done everything the opposite I ask and more than partially incorrect. so in the end of the day you pay for your request being ignore, pushy attitude, rude behavior and arrogance. Plus I scared what have been if I actually use his notes and didn't just done on my own(probably got maximum 50%) so I end up paying for nothing too...

User Photo May 2, 2021

Honest tutor A+ GRADE

He is intelligent, quick exam solver. I got almost 10 times A grade. I trust him. Trust him blindly don't take second thought. Love from southiarabia ❤️❤️

User Photo April 27, 2021

I took A+ ,Numerical methods

Smart and helpful, both the essay and optional questions, I highly recommend it

User Photo April 25, 2021

The best

The best one for ever he help me and be with me
my mark is very good mark
He is faster

User Photo March 18, 2021

Best helper in the world

I got good marks with true answers around 99.90% . Fast to answer online 24 hours to help us with good price . Thanks

User Photo March 18, 2021

Best Electromechanics Tutor

I was able to increase my understanding by a lot.

User Photo March 9, 2021

Best for Electrical Circuits

Electrical Circuits assignment

Hi, This tutor did my assignment as per the deadline. The quick response and problem-solving skills are good. The price is reasonable. Thank you for your support bro. I recommend this tutor for electrical circuits

User Photo March 8, 2021

the best tutor

He is very good tutor, he helped me two times and I am happy with the result.

User Photo March 8, 2021

Good tutor

He is very good tutor, he helped me two times and I am happy with the result.

User Photo March 5, 2021
Payment verified US$ 20

Best Tutor For circuit and Electrical Machine

Aditya has to be the best I have seen on this site

He is extremely professional, all about his craft. Delivers high quality of work and can be trusted blindly. No bias, I say this because this man has actually helped me great deal. He can solve tough exam in a very easy way.

User Photo March 2, 2021

EE tutoring help

He helped me understand how to approach the material step by step for a topic I was struggling with.

User Photo February 28, 2021

A Professional tutor with thorough subject knowledge

Academic bro is an expert in his field. Committed, dedicated and hardworking professional. I am extremely happy with his way. He has provided motivation and support during my exams. He is honest and respectful. Excellent tutor!. I totally recommend him.

User Photo February 28, 2021


I hired him in electrical machine class
he got me very bad grade 43% which is worst grade in my whole life
i have nothing else to say

User Photo February 27, 2021

Very fast and accurate

He is really helped me with electric circuit really great at solving with multiple teachers to assist in his work

User Photo February 23, 2021

Electrical circuit

Get me 14/15 on the exam on a good time
Excellent work ??

User Photo February 19, 2021

Good tutor

He is a very good tutor who helps with everything that is asked from him. I definitely recommend.

User Photo February 15, 2021

Very helpful and great and awesome explanations

Very helpful and great and awesome explanations

Would recommend that tutor for all Mathematics and Electrical Engineering courses.

User Photo February 15, 2021

Professional tutoring ?

Aditya was capable to address the weaknesses and provide professional tailored tutoring program within timely manner to remarkably notice improvement in very short time. I recommend him to everyone looking for true assistance.

User Photo February 11, 2021

Good tutor

Proficient in electrical engineering has helped me get high marks

User Photo February 9, 2021

Good tutor & Best expert on Teacher on

My experience with Exam Experts is amazing as they are highly skilled professionals who always help me and I got Full marks. True Amazing from These Guys. Best work and always available

User Photo February 8, 2021

Signal abd system

He has a great background on the subject

User Photo January 23, 2021

One of the best

Solved many assignments and quizzes for me , all passed with him , The best ever

User Photo January 22, 2021


Good Teaching Skills and he is an expert. Trustworthy.

User Photo January 22, 2021

He is an expert

He is good and trust him
He is an expert

User Photo January 22, 2021

Blindly trust him

He is an expert in maths. He will surely help you and will be there on time.

User Photo January 22, 2021


The best doctor of Electrical engineering , thank you for you time. I got 10 of 10 in my final exam, you can definitely relay on him ❤

User Photo January 19, 2021

Poor work

He is not good at all he did report and i fixed it again all ... i paid 20$ for nothing .

User Photo January 7, 2021

Electrical engineering

Very good and honest person ?? he is the best one

User Photo December 26, 2020


This teacher is an awesome teacher, he send the answers very quickly and stay with you until you’re done.

User Photo December 21, 2020

Quick and Good explanations

good man, really appreciate your efforts.
went step by step through every topic and made every problem seem easy.

User Photo December 21, 2020

Good explanations

Quick and accurate solutions. You can easily rely on him. Thankyou sir for helping me out.

User Photo December 21, 2020

he is good in calculus

he gave me 26/30 in calculus 101 exam,in time.

User Photo December 21, 2020

Great work for electrical engineering

He helped at a last moment to achieve good score in all related subjects.

User Photo December 20, 2020

Highly recommended

Firstly I communicated with him 2 hours before final test and he managed to solve Control System.
All in all ,if there is higher than 5 stars I would be able to give 1000 stars because A+ is my grade thanks to him.

I do recommend him for everyone.

He is quick, fast & reliable ....go for him without any doubt.....

User Photo December 20, 2020

Excellent tutor!

This tutor is excellent very though and is always on time. If you want to succeed please contact him. He is great at problem solving and explaining material

User Photo December 20, 2020

Best tuitor

Actually I deal with so many instructors but this teacher is the best he help students with his soul and he is so respectful I bought full marks on exams and quizzes I really appreciate his efforts to make up student courses I really advise you to get his help :)

User Photo December 2, 2020

One of the best in the field

He is so good and fast as well and his answers are so accurate.
Thank you for the full mark.

User Photo December 1, 2020

Great help

Recommended. He is great and fast in help

User Photo November 28, 2020


Accurate solution but not always , but still recommended he got me great mark in control

User Photo November 26, 2020


He solve mostly correct, and on time, recommended.

User Photo November 24, 2020

so kind smart quick and trustable

He has extensive experience and he got me a high grade with my assignment help

User Photo November 21, 2020

Best tutor ?

Aditya is one of the best tutors I have dealt with. he did what I asked him to do in a short amount of time and I received a high grade on that assignment. I will definitely work with him through out the semester because he is a reliable tutor.

User Photo November 20, 2020

Power Electronics

I can say that he is the best and excellent teacher who has mastery over his skills . You can easily vouch for him and he will do the work as you require ...simply awesome experience giving him my work .Be it the delivery , content and execution he knows his craft well.

User Photo November 10, 2020

Very supporting and knowledgeable with great communication skills

Have great knowledge regarding the subject he is teaching with great skills and experience.he really teaches us everything in a practical and useful glad I found him as my tutor.