Saikou Michel Sambou Teacher

Hello, my name is Saikou Michel Sambou. I studied English Language at the Gambia College School Of Education. I have five years teaching experience. I tend to deliver quality education to my best knowledge. My English Course is going to base it's facts on the following:
1. Parts Of Speech
Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Conjunction, Preposition, Interjected.
2. The Sentence
3. Punctuations
4. Concord (subject verb agreement)
5. Tenses
6. Phrases & Clauses
7. Questions Tags
8. Essays Writing
9. Litter Writing
10. Comprehension

By the end of the course student should be able to write & express his/herself in correct english grammar.

1. English Grammar text books?
2. word cards
3. posters

Teaching Methodology:
1. Brainstorming 2.Explanation 4. Questioning
4. Presentations 5. Activities 6. Guidance

1. Oral Questions 2. Exercises 3. Test

Evaluation: A survey of student's performance
Results: A report of student's performance


  • English language and communication skills (Beginner-Intermediate)


  • Banjul (Sep, 2015 - Mar, 2020) at Ministry of Education
    English Language teacher at Saaba Senior Secondary School.


  • Education (Sep, 2012 - Jul, 2015) from Gambia College School Of Education

Fee details

    Dalasi2,000-3,000/hour (US$38.6-57.9/hour)


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