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Feel free to use my coins (I have prefunded that on your behalf) to get my contact details!!! You only need to pay 50% in advance (to book my time). Pay 50% after work is done and once you are satisfied with the quality of the output. 12+ yrs of online tutoring/ help experience, 10+ yrs of educational experience and 12+ yrs of professional working experience in the field of Finance, Accounting and Investments only. I am NOT an agent and will personally do your work. If you do not get the output quality committed before the start of the engagement, your 100% (yes 100%) fees will be refunded.

My students are based in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Syria, and many other countries.

Please reach out to me on Whatsapp to look at list of A++ scores received by my students over last 12+ years.

Expert Online tutor in Finance, Accounting (Financial/ Managerial/ Cost) and Investment Subjects only. I genuinely believe that one cannot be an expert both in the filed of Business and Science at the same time. Tutors who do that may not do justice to their students.

I only take up those engagements in which I am 100% confident of providing top quality output because I understand how top grade stays with a student for her/ his lifetime.

>>I specialize and teach/help in Finance, Accounting (Managerial/ Financial/Cost) and Investment subjects only.

>>I am a CA, CFA Level II with over 12 years of professional work experience in various fields of Finance, Accounting and Investment.

>>Students who I have tutored/ helped, have consistently achieved grades of A or higher and I have experience of teaching over 5000 students over a period of 12 years.

>>My Motto is "Students Success".

>>My students are based in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Middle East including UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Netherlands, Germany, Europe, India.

>>Lessons are customized with examples easy to understand for students with various levels of proficiency in a particular subject. If you are not satisfied with the tutoring, you will receive 100% Refund.

>>I can teach students who are currently in High School, Senior High School, Under-graduate, Post-graduate or is studying in a University.

>>I am an online tutor only and do not provide in-person tutoring.

Educational Qualifications and Professional Experience

Chartered Accountant of India (All India Rank Holder in CA Exams), CFA Level II and Bachelor in Commerce from Asia's No1 Commerce College.

Over 12 years experience of helping students via online medium.

Over 12 years of professional working experience with multi-national companies such as Amazon, EY, PwC, Xander and Makemytrip


  • Accounting (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Finance (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Financial Accounting (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Corporate Finance (Beginner-Expert)

  • Accountancy (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Cost Accounting (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Managerial accounting (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • ACCA F2 Management Accounting (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Finance-BBA (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Financial Accountancy (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Cost and Management Accounting (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Financial and strategic management (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Cost budgeting (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Financial and cost management (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Financial analysis (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Finance & Management Accounting (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Managerial Finance (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Accounting and finance (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Basic corporate finance (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Finance assignment (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)


  • Finance Manager (Jul, 2017Present) at Amazon India
  • Senior Finance Manager (Apr, 2014Jun, 2017) at Ibibo group
  • Analyst (Mar, 2012Nov, 2013) at The Xander Group
  • Finance and Accounting Assignment Help and Online Tutoring (Jun, 2010Present) at Assignment help
  • Associate (Feb, 2010Feb, 2012) at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)


  • CFA Level 2 (Jun, 2009Jun, 2010) from CFA Institute, USAscored 1st
  • Bachelors in Commerce (Jul, 2004Apr, 2007) from Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)(DU)scored Top 1%
  • Chartered Accountant (May, 2004Jun, 2009) from THE INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIAscored Top 0.1%

Fee details

    5,88614,717/hour (US$79.12197.84/hour)

    Online Tutoring/ Assignment / Homework help guidance - Fees will be discussed at the start of the engagement.

    Fees will be refunded if the tutoring actual output does not meet the agreed desired output.

39 Reviews
5 out of 5

User Photo December 23, 2021
Payment verified US$ 698.25

Amazing tutor

He shower up exactly in time. He is amazing my university changed my exam time 12 hours before the exam and he changed his schedule so he could help me out. He is amazing I definitely recommend him! Thank you again Anup!!

User Photo September 13, 2021
Payment verified US$ 88.50

Trustworthy and best quality work

Anup helped me with my Corporate Valuation class. He is a very good tutor and delivers what he promises. He is trustworthy. I will definitely contact him again if needed. Thanks again Anup!

User Photo June 24, 2021
Payment verified US$ 175.70

Great Tutor

Very understanding of material and explains it very well.

User Photo May 30, 2021

Gorgeous teacher

Hi is very good teacher and he is committed with me he has skills on finance and hope to him all the successful

User Photo May 30, 2021
Payment verified US$ 1320

He is the best in accounting

Best online tutor for accounting in the world 👍🏻

User Photo May 26, 2021

Awesome support

Anup was able to support me throughout my work, and I really appreciate his help!

User Photo May 23, 2021


Always guarantees what he says. Very professional

User Photo May 21, 2021

A competent tutor

He is a competent tutor who made me passionate about financial subjects.

User Photo April 17, 2021

Best Finances tutor!!

Anup is a great tutor as well as a great person. He took his time in teaching me and tutoring me through an entire semester of high level finances at my university. He will do his best for you! He helped me get an A+! Thank you brother Anup!

User Photo April 9, 2021

He is very professional who cares for the students.

His way of teaching was very much needed for me to understand all the materials on my accounting class. I passed because of his help.

User Photo March 20, 2021

Awesome tutor

When you need someone to teach you and guide you into the world of finance.. this is your guy! He’s helped me so much and I’ll be eternally grateful for his teachings. Quality A+++!

User Photo March 11, 2021

Complete package

Proficiency, excellency and commitment honestly a complete package. A real gem in accounting world helped me big time in understanding the critical accounting concept.

User Photo March 7, 2021

Best Finance Tutor!

I am a student who is currently doing Finance subject at MBA level. I was given a tough accounting assignment which made me very stressful and turned around seeking for help and guidance. Thankfully, I found tutor Anup! I was not only convinced by his profile on Teacheron initially but also the proven results of me scoring 80+ in my assignment. You just have to trust him for his experience and knowledge in Finance. If you are really searching for a Finance tutor, I highly recommend Anup. You will never go wrong! 😊 All the best, and thanks to you Anup!

User Photo March 4, 2021

An Excellent tutor.

His teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise!! He is patient and eager to help. I highly recommend Anup as he is one of the best tutors I dealt with.

User Photo February 7, 2021

One of the best tutors I dealt with!

Always getting good grades! never ditches and always reply if you got any questions! easy to communicate with and trustworthy!

User Photo January 18, 2021

the best tutor!

I highly recommend Anup! he has helped to prepare for all of my exams. He's so helpful and polite. Highly recommended!

User Photo January 17, 2021

Accurate and diligent to work with

Anup was great to work with. He was diligent and accurate in the solutions he provided. He completed the work in time and I plan to work with him again.

User Photo December 21, 2020

Excellent grade

Thank so much i got high grade
Difficult questions
U are professional

Really thanks so much

User Photo November 15, 2020


Highly suggest to anyone looking for ease in understanding course content. Helped me wrap my head around core theories and prepare myself for the exam. Thankyou Anup!!

User Photo November 3, 2020

Elite Tutor

Anup helped me understand my accounting class and I got an A on an exam. He is the real deal and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for an accounting tutor!!

User Photo November 2, 2020

Trustworthy and will get you an A!

Anup is a great tutor, he helped me throughout my managerial accounting course and helped me make As on all of my exams. He is trustworthy and he was a great tutor and the only tutor I’ve ever had!

User Photo November 2, 2020


best service with quick response time and really reliable i’ll definitely be in contact again

User Photo November 1, 2020

Reliable, caring, attentive

Anup, is one of the best tutors i have encounter. He will give you quality results. He helped me score an A on my cost accounting exam. He is attentive and reliable. I highly recommend him.

User Photo October 31, 2020

Anup is very reliable, friendly, and intelligent

Extremely Intelligent finance teacher was able to explain the concepts to me very clearly and help me achieve a very high grade!

User Photo October 31, 2020

The best tutor for accounting and financial reports

He is very professional. I would highly recommend him.
Thanks Mr.Anup

User Photo October 14, 2020

Reliable, does assignment efficiently

Great at accounting and finance. Replies back in a timely manner. He cares for his clients and wants them to succeed by attaining a great score. Highly recommend.

User Photo September 30, 2020

Thank you

Thank you for your time and effort. Really helpful!

User Photo August 7, 2020


Mr Anup Was very helpful and Help me score A+

User Photo July 26, 2020

Amazing tutor

Mr.Anup is the best tutor I have ever had. Highly qualified in Cost Accounting coursework. Take him if you want to Ace in exam.

User Photo July 2, 2020


This man is amazing , he is there whneever you needed him . He is excellent in his work , I worked with him in accounting . Super helpful ! Top quality work, delivers what is committed always and will always take up only those projects in which he is 100% confident

User Photo June 16, 2020

the best

he is the best tutor i’ve had, worked with him for 2 courses until now and got nothing but straight A+’s, recommended.

User Photo June 16, 2020

Incredible Tutor !

Anup is exceptional! The best accounting tutor I have ever contacted! We had weekly tutoring sessions for about three weeks. In such a short amount of time, I saw may grades improve by 30%!! He explains concepts so nicely , and makes accounting so interesting! Thank you for saving my semester

User Photo June 16, 2020

Amazing Tutor !

Mr. Anup has been so patient with me. He has been able to explain concept properly. With his tutoring services , I have grasped accounting concepts very well ! My grades have significantly increased ! Would HIGHLY recommend

User Photo June 8, 2020

Excellent professor

He explain everything so clear and also make the class enjoyable! He helped me prepare for my finance exam on which i perform so good afterwards!

User Photo June 6, 2020

He helped me with management accounting.

Mr. Anup Singhania is the perfect teacher to help you understand your course. He helped me to pass the subject by taking the necessary time to explain everything properly. He has been kind, patient and attentive to my difficulties with the course and for all that, I thank him.
I recommend him to anyone who needs help in the courses he teaches, he will always be attentive to your needs.

User Photo May 18, 2020

Best totur

his really the best totur, he helped me a lot, was on time, very professional, and achieves whats committed. Really recommend him. Thanks a lot Mr.

User Photo May 16, 2020

Excellent performance after working with him

I got full mark Because of his help

User Photo May 16, 2020


Amazing tutor really fast and accurate.

User Photo May 15, 2020

Everything was perfect

I got a good grade