Mohamed Eldababy Guitar instructor

I'm a very simple guy so I won't talk much, I'm actually a musician, I play acoustic guitar, keyboards and I'm a vocalist too, I love rock and roll so if you do too we can share some music .
My teaching style is more about making it easier to you, there are no rules, nothing is wrong what makes it feel easier is the best option so don't worry about hard techniques cause you gonna learn how to do it in the easiest way for you but that doesn't mean that sometimes the easiest way is still hard but it will get better with practice, if you don't wanna learn music theory it's fine, between you and me .. we don't use it much in bands cause we already know what we are playing, ok that's for music.
I'm also an Egyptian guy so my mother language is Arabic but I'm yet very good with English so I can teach you some basic English or maybe some basic Arabic too.
And the most important part of this description is that we can be friends after classes, enjoy your life .


  • Music (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • English (Primary Class) (Beginner)


  • Guitar Teacher (Dec, 2019 - Present) at Beverly Culturewheel, 6th of october city, Egypt
  • Piano teacher (Jan, 2012 - Jul, 2016) at Out of the box in tanta, Egypt


  • Studient (Jan, 2015 - now) from ACU

Fee details

    £100-500/hour (US$6.26-31.31/hour)


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