Rajan Bhaskar (Ex-IITK)

Hello there,
-This is Rajan Bhaskar tutor for Maths & Physics 11th,12th, and JEE. Since my background is JEE only so I know what kind of difficulties they face during preparation moreover student's effort makes a difference.
-For the competitive section, I personally feel you are a real teacher only if you can solve critical thinking questions and shape the student to solve them. This is far different from the traditional education system.
-JEE is not as tough as popularly known for, they just check your basics to be very clear. I have produced over 12 positive results for Mains( who scored above 180) and Advanced (who got an IIT) as well. All the results are from one on one session.
My teaching pattern is as follows -
1. Theory Awareness
2. Practice Ques on related theory.
3. DPP (Daily Practice Paper ?)
4. TPP (Test Practice Paper ?)
I recommend some books like HCV, IE Irodov along with this I have material from Bansal Classes, Allen and Resonance.
Moral:- There is no bar from my side you can do practice as much you can, I have an ocean of quality practice questions.
You can see improvement within a couple of weeks.
We discuss every sheet and DPP in the very next class. If any of the students have some doubts they can ask in the discussion.
After a test you will get a report card for every student.


  • SAT Maths (Expert)

  • Physics (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • IGCSE (Expert)

  • IB Physics (Expert)

  • Calculus (Expert)

  • JEE Physics (Expert)

  • SAT Physics (Expert)

  • Calculus 1, 2 (Expert)

  • IB Math SL/HL (A level)

  • Cambridge International Exam Mathematics (Expert)

  • JEE Mains Maths (Expert)

  • IIT Pre foundation Maths (Expert)

  • Algebra 1 and 2 (Expert)

  • Structural analysis 1 (Expert)

  • Structural analysis 2 (Intermediate)

  • Australian Board Maths (Intermediate-Expert)

  • ICSE All Subjects (Expert)

  • JEE Advanced (Expert)

  • Surveying engineering (Intermediate)

  • Strength of Materials & Theory of Structures (Expert)


  • Owner (Jan, 2015Present) at Liberal Academy


  • B. Tech (Aug, 2011Aug, 2015) from IIT K

Fee details

    5502,000/hour (US$7.5227.35/hour)

    For Online Tutoring

10 Reviews
4.6 out of 5

User Photo May 30, 2020
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Wonderful Tutor!

Excellent use of time, great handwriting and makes things much easier to learn. Really nothing to complain about. Would recommend to everyone!

User Photo May 25, 2020
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Excellent physics faculty

He is a very knowledgeable person, clears all doubts as soon as possible. Very helpful and gives elegant solutions to the problems. He motivates you to do better every time and guides you perfectly through the labyrinth of problems that one may have.
I am very fortunate to have a teacher like him, who gave me confidence to tackle problems and helped me immensely.
I am in one of the most prestigious colleges in India and I would like to thank Rajan sir for being there with me throughout the journey!!

User Photo May 23, 2020
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Excellent work.

I am fully satisfied with his work. I will definitely refer you to go with him.

User Photo May 11, 2020
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Conceptual clarity

Very humble and helps in conceptual clarity. Also provide guidance in ways one can study effectively.
Enjoy learning from him.
Overall a very good teacher. ??

User Photo May 1, 2020
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Guruji mil gaye aapko

Ok, so I was a jee aspirant like a usual indian child. Initially, I took JEE as a piece of cake and didn't go hard for it. But soon I realised and regretted my garbaged time. Fast forwarding,my parents found a golden and invaluable teacher-cum-friend for me. God, he was great at not only just teaching, but actually crystal-clearing the concepts. Any doubt I found , was solved on his very next arrival. You might consider him as Rahul Dravid for your jee journey(pls self analyse the analogy to cricket).I can never erase our professional- cum- friendly memories. I am into a first tier NIT at present all cuz of him.
PS ,courtesy Rajan sir, I secured a rank in top 300 in MHCET( general ).
Pls consider the above heartfelt feeling seriously and 'make him your guruji'.

User Photo May 1, 2020
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Good tutor

I really admire his teaching skills and methodology.
Thankyou Mr Bhaskar sir for helping me!! ?

User Photo April 30, 2020
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I'm very sad

I'm not satisfied at all. I got 32 out of 100 for a surveying assignment.
If someone can not do a task, he should tell at first.

User Photo April 24, 2020
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To be honest , I’ve learnt a lot from his methods and , also he is patient, I cant thank him enough for his assistance , I’ll very much recommend him as a tutor.

User Photo April 24, 2020
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Civil engineering

“ he explains the concepts very well and solving the tutorial questions step by step using a very easy method.”

User Photo April 23, 2020
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BEST TUTOR !!!!!!!

Mr. Rajan is a patient, intervening and vastly knowledge person. I can’t thank him enough for all the help that he give me, with he’s help I was able to take my work to a next level. I will definitely recommend him as a tutor.!