Afraz Habib Teaching
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✓ I can assist U for Accounting and finance, business, marketing, Statistics and mathematics,

✓ I can assist U in Chemistry Assignments and Exams.
• Organic Chemistry
• Polymer Chemistry
• Inorganic Chemistry
• Physical Chemistry
• Biochemistry

✓ I can assist u for computer science (data structure and database) and for Programming in languages like C ++ Assembly language and python and java script,
 For coding i will assist you like
• Matlab codes,
• Java codes,
• Python codes,

✓ I will help you for mathematics topics like
• Algebra, Calculus 1,2,3,4, Differential equation, discrete math, Abstract math, Number theory
 And also for statistics topics like
• R-studio, use of Minitab,
• Mean, mode, median, derivatives
• Probability definitions and properties.
• Common discrete and continuous distributions, Conditional probability, Random variable and probability, variance.

✓ For engineering,
I have experience in
• Chemical engineering (thermodynamics)
• Mechanical engineering (machine learning and machine designing) on software like Solid works, abacus, and AutoCAD.
• Civil Engineering ( concrete and design, road structures, construction design)

✓ And for physics topics like
• Thermodynamics, Power, Work, Energy, Electricity, Energy conversion system, Forces, Waves, Fluid dynamics, Magnetism and electromagnetism

• I have experience in all these Subjects.
With good grade Surety
I have been teaching for 5 years along with my study, i like to help students in their study,
You will be satisfied with my work.
I teach students with sincerity and with full responsibility. I like to satisfied students by providing original and excellent quality Assignments and exams,
You can depend on me and i will do my best effort for your all tasks.
Let me know if you have any question.


  • Biology Beginner-Expert

  • Chemistry Beginner-Expert

  • Statistics Beginner-Expert

  • Physics Beginner-Expert

  • Science Beginner-Expert

  • Math Beginner-Expert

  • Networking (Computers) Beginner-Expert

  • Organic Chemistry Beginner-Expert

  • Biochemistry Beginner-Expert

  • Physical Chemistry Beginner-Expert

  • Academic Writing Beginner-Expert

  • Analytical chemistry Beginner-Expert

  • Nutrition and Biology Beginner-Expert

  • Business Maths & Stats Beginner-Expert

  • Computer Programing Beginner-Expert

  • Industrial Biochemistry Beginner-Expert

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Beginner-Expert

  • Biochemistry (Medical) Beginner-Expert

  • C++ Programing Beginner-Expert

  • Accounting & finance Beginner-Expert


  • Teacher (Sep, 2019Jan, 2020) at Govt. High School Taunsa
    Worked as a Chemistry, Biochemistry, Statistics and Math teacher.


  • MS Business and Finance (Feb, 2020Feb, 2022) from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad Campus.

Fee details

    Rs5,00015,000/hour (US$21.9365.78/hour)

    Fee varies with increasing working hours


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