Samuel Cornet React.JS, Frontend Developer
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I take pleasure in teaching. From there, I have discovered several methodologies to boost the learner to adapt faster and intelligently (programming is a matter of intelligence). One of the methodologies I use is that I focus on the learner. I empathize. For instance, I keep in mind the following:
- What does it mean to 'teach someone how to program'?
- I set up my teaching environment and ask the learner to do the same (if it is an online session). If not, I set the environment teaching.
- Depending on the learner, I may choose to work backward from his/her goals, or forward.
- I create real-world projects that are related to the learner's goal.
- I give the learner homework and encourage him/her to do them.
- I figure out the learner's learning style.
- I introduce a new tool/language/framework to the learner one at a time.
That being said, lots of my students have reached success and are currently flying with their wings in the professional world.


  • Ruby on Rails (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • JavaScript (Beginner-Expert)

  • Firebase (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • React (Beginner-Expert)

  • HTML and CSS (Beginner-Intermediate)


  • React.Js Tutor (Feb, 2020Nov, 2020) at Activeh, Port-au-Prince
    Teaching React from zero to intermediate, including HTML and CSS.


  • WebDriverIO (v5) - Selenium WebDriver Using Node.js and More! (Mar, 2020Mar, 2020) from Udemy
  • Selenium WebDriver: JavaScript Automation for Beginners 2019, (Feb, 2020Feb, 2020) from Udemy
  • React Native E2E Testing iOS App with Detox, (Sep, 2019Sep, 2019) from Udemy
  • Full-stack Web Development (Jul, 2019May, 2020) from Microverse Remote School for software developer
  • Computer Science (Jun, 2013Apr, 2018) from University of the People, Californiascored 2.99

Fee details

    G50,00069,000/week (US$549.45758.24/week)

    There may or not be some variation. we can talk about this more.


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