Devika Patel IGCSE Business Studies | LSE Law Alum | 9 A* IGCSE

I've explored a career in law at a top law firm in Mumbai, launched my own startups and raised over $2m, helmed others, and now run a successful business and brand consultancy. However in the hustle of life, I felt a strong urge to pursue more impactful & meaningful work - and young adults about business was the answer. When I look back, my own IGCSE Business Studies course played a huge role in introducing me to business and cementing a desire to pursue entrepreneurship - and I have only some excellent teachers to thank who helped with setting that foundation. I hope to do the same for a young adult as well.

I got an A* in Business Studies IGCSE from the Dhirubhai Ambani School (#1 in India, I also scored all 9A*s in the IGCSE and was a top scorer in my school ) In the IB, I scored a near perfect 41 out of 42 points and after being accepted to numerous top universities, I selected London School of Economics where I did my LLB.

My knowledge of the IGCSE curriculum is extremely sound: I am well versed with the textbooks like Karen Borrington's book, as well as the IGCSE methods of assessment so I can also guide students not just on subject matter but how to apply it so as to score. I am an excellent communicator of concepts through illustrative, practical examples amongst other tools I apply to ensure the student is able to grasp the concept in entirety. Amongst other soft skills, I am empathetic but fiercely encouraging - I am truly excited to teach young adults business studies, a subject very close to my heart as well and that positive energy translates to my students. Given my age, range of experiences and academic & professional accomplishments, young students are often very motivated as well to push themselves to do better and realise their potential


  • Geography IGCSE (Beginner-Expert)

  • Business studies IGCSE (Beginner-Expert)


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  • LLB (Jun, 2010Jun, 2013) from London School of Economics

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    1,0001,500/hour (US$13.8120.71/hour)

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