Afreen Faiza Psychology,Research

Statement of Teaching Interest
My approach for teaching is grounded in my lifelong love for learning which is evident by
investment of nearly two decade of life as graduate and post graduate student of psychology.
Teaching philosophy encompasses two goals which are to engage students in active learning
process and harbor capability to critically analyze the concepts and ideas.
My goal as a teacher is to introduce set of information and concepts and relate theoretical ideas
with daily life examples. This I believe provides students an opportunity to deeply understand
the ideas.
To me an exchange of ideas through group discussions and brain storming is one of the valuable
teaching methods for self-expression of students. It also provides an chance for cognitive
stimulation, boost of self-esteem and a skill to put forth their own mental concepts and ideas
about topics.
Another objective of teaching is to focus upon the significance of research process. Rather than
accepting psychological facts students need to critically examine the findings that either
particular achieved findings are in agreement with the pre supposed theory stated by the author
of study.
As a teacher my role is to harbor ability to question about different theoretical concepts, translate
statistical findings given in meaningful ways, and interpret results. This overarches an ability to
generate and test their own hypothesis. Also a potential to investigate the probable reasons for
particular psychological behaviors with respect to socio psychological perspective is an essence
of discipline of psychology.
To be as a teacher my focus is to tolerate individual differences of students and tailor the
teaching methods according to psychological sophistication of each student. To me teaching is an
elastic skill which is influenced by dynamic forces of sociological, educational, psychological
changes. The stated objectives enable me to fit in the role as an aspiring teacher.
Dr.Afreen Faiza


  • Psychology (Expert)

  • Research education (Expert)


  • Assistant Professor/research Associate (Apr, 2020 - Present) at Ilma university


  • Psychology (Jan, 2011 - now) from university of karachi- scored 3.9GPA

Fee details

    د.إ100-200/hour (US$27.25-54.5/hour)


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