Muhammad Shahmir Khan Intustrial Electronics/Robotics

There are different types of teaching methods which can be categorised into three broad types. These are teacher-centred methods, learner-centred methods, content-focused methods and interactive/participative methods.
1.INSTRUCTOR/TEACHER CENTRED METHODS. Here the teacher casts himself/herself in the role of being a master of the subject matter. The teacher is looked upon by the learners as an expert or an authority.
2.LEARNER-CENTRED METHODS. In learner-centred methods, the teacher/instructor is both a teacher and a learner at the same time.
3.CONTENT-FOCUSED METHODS. In this category of methods, both the teacher and the learners have to fit into the content that is taught. Generally.
4.INTERACTIVE/PARTICIPATIVE METHODS.This fourth category borrows a bit from the three other methods without necessarily laying emphasis unduly on either the learner, content or teacher


  • Micro processor and micro controller (Beginner-Intermediate)


No experience mentioned.


  • BS Electronics (Feb, 2017Apr, 2021) from Sir Syed University of Engineering and technology Karachi

Fee details

    Rs20,00025,000/month (US$130.4162.99/month)


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