Dr. Tanveer Hussain Bhat Contractual Lecturer at College Level
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To me the students/scholars should be exposed to the new and modern approaches of literature in particular and as well as to the life in general. At higher level Teacher/ Professors’ job is not to hold the pen of a student to show him, how to write, but instead his/her job is to inspire. To be critical of modern education system the students/scholars at University level doesn’t need, what is generally provided to them. In most of the institutions in Asia for example: most of the students are been given the study materials and are taught according to the syllabus only. And the traditional dead methods are being used across the institutions. So, most of the students complete the University education without any understanding of either subject or life, that is to be faced outside.
Teacher is someone beyond, what is generally associated with him. This is a “secret” and only some people are able to know this “secret,” that makes the whole difference between “them” and “others.” Teacher is a walking library, where from students can get not books (raw material) but practical knowledge. An experience, experimented by the teacher is directly transferred to the students. (explanation needed) With the help of Teacher, a student is able to meet the practical-book, live in all its length and breadth, unlike other library sources.
On the other side teacher is a teacher only when there are students before him to whom he/she teaches something. Teacher can’t be become teacher in vacuum. So, it is a two sided process of learning. Good teachers always try to learn from the students, so besides traditional lecture method, the interaction between students and teachers should be encouraged. To this effect I recall the experiment of I. A. Richards with his students at Cambridge. He gave away some poems to his students without any title, neither the name of the authors nor the name of the poems was mentioned, and they were asked to analyze. And the response from the students was phenomenal that made Richards to be able develop the theory of “Practical Criticism” one of the most famous literary theories of 20th century.
The practicality of knowledge is something I think one should aim at. I am having an experience of teaching at University level while I was pursuing my PhD as I worked as an assistant to my research supervisor, though I don’t possess an certificate to prove that, as there was no provision for the same. The reason why I am mentioning it, is only because I got an experience of handling the students of other language. And my experience was good and appreciated by my senior professors, as my language was altogether different from theirs.
To be the part of experience with firm determination in learning and grasping knowledge is my attitude. Highly motivated tendency to develop awareness in every aspect of work, are the qualities which have always helped me to achieve my goal. Teaching is the only job where one can earn your livelihood through a work which earns you respect and develops your own personality. So, to seek a position as a teacher (Assistant Professor) is the only desire of a person who has devoted his twenty four years in studying. As I have completed my Ph D in English, now it is the time to reap the fruits of twenty four years old tree.


  • English (Masters/Postgraduate)

  • Communication Skills (Intermediate)


  • LECTURER (Sep, 2020May, 2021) at Govt. Degree College Baramulla (Higher Education Department)


  • Ph D (May, 2013Jul, 2019) from Annamali University, Chidambaramscored 77.3

Fee details

    70,00090,000/month (US$950.831222.49/month)



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