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Hi. I am Pankaj, MTech Mechanical Engineering from IIT KGP #1College of India (Rank 43)

I am a MASTER of PHYSICS and Physics-based subjects like Engineering Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Fluid, Thermodynamics, Calculus 1,2,3, and Differential Equations.

In the last 15 years, I have solved 50,000+ problems in these subjects, and as a result, I have developed extreme speed and accuracy. It will show up in your grades too ;)

These years, I have been tutoring, mentoring, and helping students with their assignments and consistently got them close to 100% marks or an A+ grade.

Although I do the bulk of the work myself, I have a team of close friends who assist me manage my workload.

I get more than 100 inquiries every day from my old and new students, and it is impossible for me to answer all of them myself. So I have a team of people who handle the chats.

ACE-YOUR-EXAMS-&-HOMEWORK (get close to 100% marks) in PHYSICS and

Engineering Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Statics, Engineering Dynamics, Mechanics/Strength of Materials, Engineering Thermodynamics, Fluids Mechanics, Material Science, etc.

Calculus 1,2,3, Differential equations, partial and ordinary (PDE and ODE), Vector calculus, Real and complex analysis, etc.

Engineering Statistics, Biostatistics, Business Statistics, etc. with R, SPSS, STATA, ANOVA, Python, etc.

Linear Algebra, Computer programming in Java, Python, C, C++, and tools like MATLAB, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Catia,
Electronics, Electrical circuits, etc.

Directly ask me if you don’t see your subject in this list because my friends do many other subjects which are not mentioned in the list above, so feel free to connect with me, and I will ensure that you get what you are looking for.

No wasting time, just good experts for excellent grades!



  • JAVA Beginner-Expert

  • Chemistry Beginner-Expert

  • Statistics Beginner-Expert

  • Physics Beginner-Expert

  • Math Beginner-Expert

  • Thermodynamics Beginner-Expert

  • Fluid Mechanics Beginner-Expert

  • Python Beginner-Expert

  • Mechanical Engineering Beginner-Expert

  • SolidWorks Beginner-Expert

  • Statics Beginner-Expert

  • Mechanics of materials Beginner-Expert

  • Probability and Statistics Beginner-Expert

  • Linear Algebra Beginner-Expert

  • C and C++ Beginner-Expert

  • Dynamics Beginner-Expert

  • AP Physics

  • Calculus 1, 2, 3, 4 Beginner-Expert

  • Multivariable and Vector Calculus Beginner-Expert

  • Calculus 1, 2, 3 Beginner-Expert


  • Founder (Mar, 2015Present) at
    Online tutoring and homework help website for College and engineering level students.
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  • M Tech Mechanical Engineering (Jun, 2005May, 2007) from IIT Kharagpurscored 9.7 CGPA
  • B.E. Marine (Mechanical engineering with specialization in Marine engineering) (Aug, 2000Aug, 2004) from Directorate of Marine Engineering Training, Govt. of Indiascored 9.4 CGPA

Fee details

    2,00010,000/hour (US$24.60123.02/hour)

    The fee for Online tutoring varies from only $20/hour to $50/hour.

    Fees for assignments/projects/homework/online quizzes etc, will depend on the nature and type of work. Share more info about your work and I will tell you the fee. Rest assured, you will get value for money and affordable pricing.

3 Reviews
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User Photo July 6, 2022
Payment verified US$ 74.40 (6000 Coins)

Solved 2 very tough Physics problems correctly

I gave these guys two physics problems which were incredibly difficult. Everyone in my class was struggling to solve them.

I tried many other homework sites but only on teacheron, I got the expert (My Engineering Buddy) who could solve it correctly. This 5-star review is for teacheron as well as for the expert.

User Photo June 15, 2022
Payment verified US$ 100 (10000 Coins)

97.5% marks in Computer science (Data mining)

got 39/40 amrks in data mining assessmemt which I failed twice in the past.

The tutor was quite fast and finished the 2 hour assesement in just 75 minutes. He told me not to submit and kept checking the solutions till time was over.
I felt I will get a good grade but such a high score was unexpected.
Very professional. Thanks a lot. Will definately return back for more help.

User Photo June 10, 2022
Payment verified US$ 1 (50 Coins)

Good job and nice tutor

Their tutor solved 20 questions of my online assessment and all of them were correct. Looks like a big homework help company as they have a proper customer care helpline. They deliver what they promise. That's the most important thing.

Will recommend it to everyone.