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As an International trainer and author, speaking 3 languages, Arabic, English and French, I Have designed and delivered programs with global audiences in 25 countries. I use my platform experience to educate, inspire, and coach helping organizations achieve their desired business results.

I have also delivered private sessions to University students, helping them to grasp their materials, giving them real time experiences and practices, and supporting them to pass their exams, getting ready for their next step.

I delivered courses on diverse topics, including Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Coaching, Performance Management, Strategic Planning and management, Sales and marketing, Communication, Stress Management and Personal Development, Training Trainers, Essential Of Management, Customer Service, conflict management, Crisis management, etc

During my workshops people are more self-directed, open to new ideas, and mindful of their responsibilities. I use a blend of information, self-discovery, fun, and story to create a vital learning experience. My sessions are known to be interactive and depend to a great extent on experiential learning and maximum participant engagement leading to immediate and effective application of learning.

I strongly believe that PEOPLE can do wonders provided that they are able and willing. My favorite quote is “What a man can do another can” has inspired thousands of people throughout my workshops, keynotes, and intervention. I have been awarded by ATD with ATD Master Trainer Designation and Master Instructional Designer. I also gained certifications in multi-disciplines such as Coaching, Consulting, Change Management, and Facilitation in Synchronous Learning. I am certified to deliver Cultural Intelligence assessment and workshops and the EQi, an Emotional Intelligence Assessment as well as various personality assessments. I am also a Certified Facilitator for The Fish Philosophy and Accredited Situational Leadership II Facilitator by Ken Blanchard.

I design and facilitate programs that help participants achieve their high performance results.


  • HR Management (Beginner-Expert)

  • Communication Skills (Beginner-Expert)

  • Leadership & Organizational Behavior (Beginner-Expert)

  • Soft Skills development (Beginner-Expert)

  • Management and Leadership (Beginner-Expert)


  • Co-Founder . CEO (Jan, 2019Present) at FAW GROUP SAL
    A Digital Transformation company with an aim to facilitate, automate and innovate traditional modus operandi. The company has created several solutions in different areas, and has claimed responsibility of creating a value proposition in each one of them to achieve the necessary social and economic standards that everyone deserves to live within.

    Solution 1: The Talent ID
    FAW Group’s Educational & Business Solution under the product name of The Talent ID (TTID) is a key element for the sustainability of the educational activities empowered with multiple business and performance solutions to serve the need of the school, teacher, parent and students as well as supporting the entire ecosystem in the field.
    It is designed and developed to serve as a progressive multidimensional educational and business solution. Its main objectives is to sustain the entire educational ecosystem by offering an advanced, highly interactive learning tools as well as a sophisticated content development capabilities for an effective and modern learning experience. In addition to that, TTID offers a wide range of relative business activities that will create multiple streams of financial support to the entire school community and its relative ecosystem. Our tool is designed to touch on the needs of the schools,their teachers, parents and students as well as supporting the entire ecosystem in the field.

    Solution 2: Eight - Donation Management & e-wallet System
    FAW Group’s Donation Management and e-wallet Solution under the product name of Eight is a unified, sustainable and scalable humanitarian aid solution aimed at optimizing the donation management flow - from donor to ngo to beneficiary down to any merchant/supplier or in-kind inventory– preserving our core values around transparency and trust.
    A full front-to-back donations and aid management solution including a digital wallet for beneficiary execution. The solution allows any emergency/ Crisis management team to coordinate and manage all humanitarian aids and map it to its intended target and progress reporting with a 360 degrees view on all the operations enabling fast response and resource allocation of any form and source in different directions and to different groups or individuals. Eight allows a solid and effective assessment mechanism resulting in the creation of multi- dimensional plans with short, medium- and long-term objectives based on actual needs with no effort or resource replications and waste.
    The solution is able to process and execute end-to-end activities in an automated workflow up to the execution or use of the resources via the digital wallet and to leverage all the available resources in a situation. In addition to that a monitoring dashboard to track the progress of every task, program, or campaign up is provided as well as accurately measure the impact of each contribution or campaign. (USP)
  • Chief Executive Officer (Nov, 2017Apr, 2019) at IMC Telecom
    Heading the operations of three activities in the Telecommunication & e-money sectors:
    IMC Telecom wholesale, which is one of the most reliable carriers specialized in delivering wholesale voice services coupled with superior quality and extremely competitive prices. Interconnected with more than 150 incumbents, GSM Operators, Tier1 Carriers, Prepaid Calling Cards Companies and call shops worldwide.
    Rinboo Voice Retail services, which offers high-quality, easy-to-use, advanced, affordable and reliable telephony solutions to both individuals and companies worldwide, at competitive prices.
    Rinboo Emoney services, which offers secure, easy & fast eMoney services for anyone who may be in need to purchase online, even those who don’t have a bank account, by getting an international payment card.
    Key Achievements:
    ® Developing a 5 years strategic plan that ensures the sustainability of the business for the years to come.
    ® Opening new sales channels and increasing market share.
    ® Developing strategies to balance the finance of on-going investment while maintaining a healthy cash flow.
    ® Increasing the sales by 100% while decreasing the cost by 50%
    ® Introducing a new activity, the SMS wholesale industry, through a strong partnership with a Swiss company.
    ® Developing a healthy internal culture that retains key employees and encourages their professional
    ® Developing a strategy to prepare successors for key people and pivotal positions to obtain a more fluid organization.
  • Head of HR Organization Development (Group) (May, 2011Nov, 2017) at DEBBANE SAIKALI GROUP
    1. Drives a team to develop and implement effective plans, strategies, policies and procedures and takes responsibility for their ongoing monitoring.
    2. Meets organizational needs and analyzes progress against the overall talent management strategy.
    3. Supports line managers in defining successors for key positions and rolling succession planning.
    4. Fosters and supports a performance driven culture in the group.
    5. Determines strategic measures to enhance employee and company performance.
    6. Training hall day to day operations management
    7. Address training and development needs with appropriate initiatives
    8. Strategic alignment between development initiatives and organization future needs
    9. Identify talent pool and follow up on their career development and preparation for future roles

    Key Results:
    Performance Management:
    - Succeeded in designing, implementing an innovative performance management process, backed -up by results, reports and completion rate.
    - Developed performance development/improvement plan to handle the performance gap.
    - Designed and run several assessment centers to discover untapped potential or to measure current ability

    Talent Management & Succession Planning
    - Created a whole spectrum of talent management program with a defined pool of talents, long term development plans and career path
    - Championed and presented talent development plan and career path to the board, validated by CEOs.
    - Assisted in creating a competency dictionary and competency profiling and other needs assessment methods to identify and prioritize organizational development needs.
    - Designed and implemented a succession planning process, defining critical roles, successors,
    development plans and readiness level.

    Learning and Development:
    - Created an environment where all employees are motivated to pursue their professional development and contribute to the future growth and success of the business.
    - Facilitated and ensures the participation of the HR team in supporting the realization of OD plans
    - Introduced innovative way of learning to sit along the traditional face to face. Also encouraged a culture of self-learning through coursera, edx, etc.
    - Designed and introduced a training policy and procedure to standardize the training process and approach.
    - Introduced a “Self Development Series” which consists of a 2-hour session, once a month, on the basis of “first come first registered”, and that aims to develop employees’ skills and potential, enhance the quality of their life and contribute to the realization of their dreams and aspirations.
    - Exceeding all objectives including targeted trainings where 100 trainings per year were achieved.
    - Introduced an “Assessment Center” which purpose is to ensure business continuity and excellence by identifying and developing existing talents for key positions, retaining them and assessing talent needs for the future. It consists of a development program workshop followed by a personal development plan (PDP).
    - Built, influenced, fostered and drove a culture of “Customer Excellence” throughout one of our subsidiaries. The purpose is to introduce the company’s key tenets for customer service (Creativity, Passion, Readiness, and Quality) and to reaffirm their importance through several activities and trainings, detailing our ongoing commitment to building and strengthening customer relationships through improved service, quality, responsiveness and expertise.
    - Conducted team building activities for the group.
    - Designed and introduced the first ever “Middle Management Program” in the company. A 9 days program spanned over 18 months that reinforces top leadership practices and applying them to leadership at the mid- management level, and that consists of 4 modules: managing self, managing people, managing team and managing performance.
    - Designed and delivered diverse training programs.
    - Designed and introduced the first ever “TrainingMenu”, which includes description of all the trainings that we have off the shelves and available for delivery. The menu was distributed to all top managers to put their selection of trainings.
    - Introduced and delivered 75 training topics, which description was included in the “Training Menu”.
    - Designed several training topics, among them sales techniques, time pressure and stress management, conflict resolution, taxation and accounting, risk management, leadership programs, etc.
    - Designed and introduced the first ever induction program in the company.
    - Designed and supported the introduction of the first ever Opinion Survey.
    - Supported the happening of a Salary Survey.
    - Established and maintained appropriate systems for monitoring, measuring and reporting on training and development activities.
    - Supported the introduction of the company’s performance appraisal.
    - Supported the recruitment section in diverse activities.
    - Set a competency dictionary for the group and performance management tools and competency framework for the Technology division.
    - Built and enhanced the company’s training library.
    - Fostered a teamwork/open-door environment conducive to positive dialogue across the organization.
    - Having a wide knowledge as HR generalist, I advised in many terms the happening of various HR initiatives.
  • Organization Development Resource for MEA & ASIA, (Jun, 2006Apr, 2011) at Nestle waters
    Worked as a Zone Resource (MEA & ASIA) in the aria of talent management, succession planning, performance management, leadership behaviors and management program training. The latter compromised in May 2010, a market talent review for the Arabian Peninsula board of committee, in which assessments of direct reports' performance, potential and succession were discussed. Subsequent developments were made in other countries in the regions like Turkey and Egypt, Dubai, etc..

    Promoted to help establishing the HR management, guiding the startup and management of a full spectrum of HR operations, systems and programs. Defined training and development needs and designed a competency based training curriculum for all functions in Nestle Waters – Levant that meets business requirements. Lead and facilitated the execution of Leadership Programs. Worked with senior management to create HR policies and procedures; recruit employees; define grading scheme; create group benefits databases; and develop orientation, training and incentive programs. Launch and conduct the Nestle Waters Performance and Development Guide, talent management and succession planning. Manage leave-of- absence programs and personnel records; administer benefits enrollment and programs; administer HR budget; and handle HR generalist workplace issues. Create and edit the HR Newsletter

    Key Results:
    - Wrote employee manual (51 policies) covering issues including disciplinary procedures, code of conduct, employment principles, compensations and benefits, safety health and security... that was later adopted in the company for the middle east region.
    - Introduced company’s first formal performance review program called “Nestle performance and development guide”, creating a flexible and well-received tool.
    - Initiated the establishment of job descriptions across all levels and categories. “Shadowed” and interviewed employees to construct an accurate picture of the duties and skills required for each position.
    - Introduced the recruitment procedure and the questioning skills according to Nestle standards to all line managers. Trained 30-member top management on interviewing techniques and best practices, conducting workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions that contributed to sound hiring decisions.
    - Introduced an HR Newsletter in the company.
    - Introduced an induction, on-boarding program.
    - Fostered a teamwork/open-door environment conducive to positive dialogue across the organization.
  • Information Technology Manager & Senior System Architect (May, 2004Jun, 2006) at Nestle waters
    Fulfill a broad range of information technology functions, including the design, plan and the execution of the network infrastructure for the Head Office, the Factory and 4 warehouses.
    Key Results:
    - Raising the Network infrastructure of Nestle Waters in Lebanon to be the best among Nestle Waters Middle East region which was used as a pilot for new products.
    - Helped the Implementation and configuration of Nestle Waters information technology structure in Dubai, Bahrain, Egypt and Taiwan and Jordan
  • MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT / PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER. (Jan, 2002Present) at self employed, beirut
    Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Business Advisory, Innovator, Visionary, Professional Speaker and Trainer
    O Identification of new investment opportunities.
    O Involvement in all aspects of the consultation process including sourcing, strategic planning,
    budgeting, feasibility study, market study, financial analysis, assessment and execution.
    O Generation of new ideas and solutions with quick adaptation to changing environments.
    O Developing presentations and reports to promote stakeholders interest and facilitate decision making. O Professional Speaker, Certified Trainer and Influencer on subjects of (not limited to)
    o Strategic Planning and management
    o Sales and marketing
    o Coaching Executives and top managers


  • EsMBA, Business Administration, Management and Operations (Jan, 2018Dec, 2018) from HEC Montréal
  • Bachelor in Computer and Communication Engineer (Jan, 2015Jun, 2020) from Notre Dame University - Louize, Zouk Mosbeh Lebanon

Fee details

    livre300,000/hour (US$198.09/hour)


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