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Learning is a way of being. Learning is life long process. I believe in instructional learning by spelling out the assumptions.If the prepositions are totally attained, then I/we further
belief that effective learning will take place.If we follow the steps to develop effective learning, success will surely be attained. Set goals can be obtained with the cooperation of both teacher and the students. I believe that teachers should be patience with students, students learn differently while some are fast learners, some could be assisted along. Together, we can work together for a common goal. I believe that learning has a cumulative nature, therefore various stages and levels should be climbed systematically.


  • Philosophy / Critical Thinking (Beginner-Expert)

  • Social and political life (Intermediate-Expert)

  • English (O levels / IGCSE) (Grade 4-IGCSE)

  • Commerce (O level) (O level)

  • Economics (CBSE) (Intermediate-Expert)


  • Teacher of English-language (Apr, 2004Aug, 2010) at Nature Method Institute, Bangkok
    Teaching English Language to Thai Students


  • M.ED Curriculum and Instruction (Aug, 2018Jul, 2020) from Master Degree in Curriculum and Instruction

Fee details

    ฿35,00045,000/month (US$1052.631353.38/month)

    Depends on location and level of students. Also time, etc.


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