Dinesh Kumar Maths and Science
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Hello there, I am Dinesh and I will be happy to be your tutor. I understand that different students have different styles of learning and respond differently to different methods. I will be frank, my method is definitely not spoonfeeding since I personally feel that I remember better if I manage to solve the problems myself. I will always be there to guide you through any difficulties and I definitely will guarantee that you can feel the improvement if you follow my study plan. It's not mountains of homework, so be rest assured.

I am an ex-medical officer and I believe I hope the fact that I could excel and complete medical school is a motivation to you. Tutoring and study groups are just part and parcel of a professional degree and I am confident that my study methods will be very useful for students.

I am also available to guide you through your homework and assignments. As I mentioned before, my methods do not involve mountains of exercises to drill it in your head. Adequate practice and understanding are key!

If you read all the way here, thank you very much. I hope you consider me to be your tutor and I look forward to working together with you!


  • Science (Grade 1-O level)

  • Math (Grade 1-O level)


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  • Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (Sep, 2010Nov, 2016) from Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology

Fee details

    RM4070/hour (US$9.6216.83/hour)

    Fee increases based on the age of students. Travelling distance may factor into fees as well if it is too far.


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