Obada Abdulbaki OET
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I tutor mostly Med school students privately after school and during the summer. We meet online, and I help in providing the necessary materials.

At one point I did have a website, but didn't utilize it much. I stayed very busy, especially in the summers, and always had a full schedule. I typically met with each student's teacher in order to get an idea of what the focus of my instruction/remediation should be. Becoming familiar with the student's learning style(s) was also very helpful. Often parents would share records and test results with me. After each tutoring session, I document the student’s progress and give them my written updates, as well as phone calls or emails as needed.

While my students and I certainly utilized technology and the internet often during our sessions, I enjoyed tutoring online, so I am familiar with the curriculums or methods used in those settings.

Tutoring one on one was very enjoyable and rewarding. My students and I had fun, and grew quite fond of one another.

I teach OET, the best experience that I would like to share is that irrespective of basics that an individual has, need to help the student in understanding the core concepts in clarity. In that way, I am able to push my students in understanding the basic logical structure of subject and excel slowly. I prefer and pump the concepts slowly rather than going in a super sonic speed. For any student (irrespective of class) acquiring interest in the subject matters rather than learning like a machine.


  • OET All 4 modules (Beginner-Expert)


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  • MBBS (Sep, 2014Oct, 2020) from Alfaisal University, Riyadh

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    19/hour (US$0.272.4/hour)


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