Sanjay Tej Social Teacher
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I've the ability to adapt my teaching method in order to fit the needs of learners, doubt clarification is another skill of mine which is crucial to be a good teacher. If I can't clarify I'll use my own resources to clarify it. I read lot of everyday in order to update my knowledge as per required by learner, I create a lesson plans to provide a
proper education and I'll be dexter to my students very habitually, enthusiastically to clear all their doubt. Overall, these teaching experiences have been invaluable to me as I have a better understanding of the challenges educators face on a daily basis. Also, I was able to work with students who were very different in terms of age, learning needs, and language skills. In addition, I was able to apply various teaching methods that can improve the academic performance of students. by this I believe that I'll be able to be a good teacher to help my students to achieve their goals.


  • Environmental education (Intermediate)

  • Social and cultural geography (Intermediate)


  • Teacher (Jun, 2020Present) at Amrutha Institute


  • Bachelor of Divinity (Jun, 2015Apr, 2020) from Serampore College

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    150200/day (US$1.992.66/day)


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