Srinivas Teaching math physics chemistry and biology
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Ever since I started teaching about 24 years ago, I have been devoted and committed
to three objectives in my career: actualization of individual student’s potential and
performance, motivating them to take an interest in learning and inculcating a sense
of pride, honor, and self-worth among all of my learners. I have been a passionate and
committed high school teacher for A Level Mathematics, including Further
Mathematics, Statistics, and IGCSE Additional Mathematics. I have dedicated my
profession to each of these quests, the proof of which, is attested by my enclosed
I believe the experience I have garnered over all these years has shaped me into
becoming a better educator with every passing year. Thereby, I can claim that I am a
good fit for the position of Teacher of Mathematics at your school since it suits my
expertise perfectly. I have held significant positions at numerous International Schools
such as:
1. Head of Department
2. Director of International Examinations
3. IGCSE Coordinator
4. Academic Coordinator
5. Examinations Officer (CIE)
6. Time Table In charge
What distinguishes me from the rest is my level of investment I bring in the form of
intellect, talent, and good performance. I played a decisive role in overhauling the
entire curriculum for Thai Sikh International School, Bangkok during the process of its
accreditation for CIS, during 2010. In terms of different learning styles, I have been
effective in relating to a diverse range of students and helping them achieve. I do not
shy away from providing the individual attention where it is called for, moreover, I
inspire lessons by bringing in innovative learning techniques. I ensure the classroom
setting is inclusive of everyone by using class discussions, open-ended questions, and
cooperative learning. Furthermore, to reinforce learning, I abide by the principle of how
growth can be measured. In line with this, I apply weekly quizzes and monthly tests to
keep a track of progress, as well as providing timely and effective feedback to help
learners to be ready for their major exams.
I have driven excellence in the form of results at Anglo Singapore International School,
Bangkok or ULC-U Link College of China Optics Valley, and the pupils’
accomplishments show this:
(i) October 2012 – World topper in AS Level Mathematics (Jazlina and Palida),
(ii) June 2013—World Topper in IGCSE A Mathematics(Akarachai)
(iii) October 2013--- World Topper in A Level Mathematics(Palida)
(iv) June 2014 – World Topper in AS Level Mathematics(Akarachai)
(v) Oct 2014 Top in Thailand - A Level Mathematics (Akarachai)
(vi) Oct 2014 Top in Thailand – IGCSE E Mathematics (Rattaroj)
(vii) June 2015 Top in Thailand – IGCSE Additional Mathematics (Wang Zi Yi)
(viii) Nov 2015 Top in World- IGCSE Mathematics (Methavee)
(ix) Nov 2015 Top in World- IGCSE Mathematics (Nichanun)
(x) June 2016 Top in World- IGCSE Additional Mathematics (Methavee)
(xi) June 2016 Top in World- IGCSE Additional Mathematics (Natkamol)
(xii) June 2016 Top in World- IGCSE Additional Mathematics (Perawit)
(xiii) June 2016 Top in Thailand- AS Level Mathematics (Wang Zi Yi)
(xiv) June 2017 Top in Thailand- A Level Mathematics (Wang Zi Yi)
(xv) June 2017 Top in Thailand- AS Level Mathematics (Perawit)
(xvi) June 2018 Top in Thailand A Level Mathematics (Perawit)
(xvii) October 2018 Top in China AS Level Mathematics (Vivian Bao)
(xviii) June 2019 Top in China A Level Mathematics (Vivian Bao)
I am buzzing with ideas and am excited with the prospect of a new opportunity. I
aspire to make use of my extensive experience and combine it with my skill-set of
being an empathetic, fervent, and intelligent teacher


  • Biology (Grade 1-Grade 12)

  • Chemistry (Grade 1-Grade 12)

  • Physics (Grade 1-Grade 12)

  • Mathematics & Statistics (Grade 1-Grade 12)


  • Head of Department (Jun, 2017Feb, 2022) at U LINK COLLEGE, GUANGZHOU
    Creating and/or updating a department handbook.
    • Ensuring that all teachers within the department have and
    follow timelines and schemes of work.
    • Ensuring the creation and distribution of timelines for the next academic
    year to all teachers within the department by the first week of July.
    • Sharing timelines and schemes of work with the Academic Office.
    • Confirming with Academic Office textbook requirements for
    the upcoming year.
    • Preparing a resource list/department budget proposal for the
    next academic year by the end of March based on department
    needs in consultations with the Academic Office.
    • Preparing, collecting and coordinating a bank of subject
    resources, and making these readily accessible to all members of
    the department.
    • Helping department members in creating department-wide resources.
    • Developing the annual departmental action plans
  • Head of Department (Jun, 2012Jun, 2017) at Anglo Singapore International School (British Curriculum), Bangkok, Thailand.
    Teaching three mathematics sections including Functions,
    Statistics, and Trigonometry.
    • Teaching A Level Mathematics including Further Mathematics (CIE
    & Edexcel), IGCSE including Additional Mathematics
    • Designing and presenting comprehensive lesson plans, which
    incorporate scaffolding, ensuring that each student is able to retain
    and understand the materials at hand.
    Developing unit-based projects centered on real-world situations to
    show students the importance of having a solid education and how Math
    correlates with everyday life.
    • Incorporating various technologies in the classroom including
    SmartBoard software ‘IQ Board’ Digital Image Projector, Ti-83Plus
    and computer software.
    • Collaborating with colleagues to integrate new activities and
    allocate effective resources.
    • Introduced a Mathematic Enrichment Program for students who were
    not quite ready to advance to the next level; 100% of students
    .p rogressed to the next level.
    • Overseeing all the examinations in the school from Primary to A-levels.
    • Dealing with the external paper setters for the exams.
    • Dealing with CIE regarding the conduct of IGCSE/A-Level
    exams and creating a timetable for the school.
  • Head of Department (Jun, 2008Jun, 2012) at Thai Sikh International School, Bangkok, Thailand
    • Instructed Calculus and Algebra-based on CIE and Edexcel
    • Utilized math manipulative and graphing calculators to assist with introducing new concepts, thus enhancing children’s skills.
    • Provided clear and consistent directions to keep the class focused and on-track. Gave praise and assurance to boost students’ self-confidence and self-esteem.
    • Cultivated a fun and interesting learning environment, which encouraged questions and class discussions.
    • Offered lunch-time and after-school support to help low scoring students to succeed.
    • Incorporated graphic organizers and material tailored to meet diverse needs.
    • Looking after the curriculum of the entire school.
    • Assisted headmaster in various official works.
    • Exercised immediate supervisory control over faculty and staff in the division.
    • Initiated discussions on academic issues and concerns, such as course outlines, course contents, teaching methodology, classroom activities, and division-sponsored projects, among others.
    • Monitored, reviewed, and updated curriculum offerings of the division to safeguard its integrity, relevance, and usefulness in the professional market.
    • Recommended library materials and equipment acquisition in consultation with the faculty members.
    • Ensured the optimum and efficient use of school facilities and supplies.
  • Senior Lecturer (Jun, 2002Jun, 2008) at Sri Chaitanya Kalasala
    Planning and preparing courses, lessons and schemes of work
    for department teachers.
    • Preparing and finalizing term test papers, mock tests and schemes
    of work for the whole year.
    • Marking, assessing and evaluating the work of lecturers to be carried
    out in the school.
    • Coordinating mathematics department Lecturers and supervising
    the learning process.
    • Developing approaches to teaching and learning, which are
    appropriate for the College.
    • Developed the course syllabus, teaching materials, and other
    instructional aids needed in carrying out the educational objectives.
    • Taught College Algebra and Trigonometry, Advanced Algebra,
    Elementary Statistics, and Calculus. Worked collaboratively in
    various faculty committees created to address the concerns and
    needs of the college.


  • M.Sc(Math) (Jun, 1997Jun, 1999) from Kalinga Universityscored 80%
  • M.Sc(Physics) (Jun, 1997Jun, 1999) from Kalinga Universityscored 83%
  • B.Sc(Math,Physics,Chemistry) (Jun, 1994Jun, 1997) from DR. B.R. Ambedkar Universityscored 60%

Fee details

    ¥500800/hour (US$71.53114.45/hour)

    Depends on the grade level


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