Halima Islamic teacher
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Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu beloved students I would love to teach y'all only for the pleasure of Allaah and I would love to take out my time to make y'all understand the work 100% correctly. I am charging but a very small fee only because of my data usages,may Almighty Allaah use y'all for his Deen Aameen. Hope and making duaa that Allaah makes this possible and accept from me and y'all this perfect opportunity to take HIS Deen forward Ilaa yaumil qiyaamah,this is only but for our aakhira,so let's try and work hard also for our aakhira. Like how our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said :Indeed actions that are done will judge according to our intentions and the best amongst u is he who learns the Quraan and teaches it to others
JazaakAllaahu Khairan


  • Duaa Beginner-Expert

  • Hifaz ul Quran Beginner-Expert

  • Aqaaid Beginner-Expert

  • Basic Fiqh Beginner-Expert

  • Quraan reading with Tajweed Beginner-Expert


  • Still working (May, 2017Present) at Madrassah Imdaadiya Homevale
    Teacher and admin outside class time


  • Diploma (Jan, 2005Dec, 2010) from Madrassah mufeedatun nisaa

Fee details

    R100/hour (US$5.07/hour)



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