Bam Clement Batsalelwang Teaching Biology and Chemistry IGCSE
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I am a very patient teacher. My philosophy of teaching is that, I believe in creating a student - centered learning environment, where I ask questions to the student in order the student can share what they know concerning the concept or topic. My method of teaching is discussion and visual display mostly using inquiry learning.
My assessment procedure, after every lesson there is an assignment given in two parts, firstly, recall to what has been taught during the lesson. Secondly, pre-topic assignment question. There are topic tests after every topic covered.

I believe that every student can achieve their academic goals, provided the a positive learning environment is created and the student is taught according to their learning abilities.
Good results are achieved when the student and the teacher work together and have a common goal.
I am willing to work with you to achieving your academic goal.


  • Biology (IGCSE)

  • Chemistry (ICSE) (GCSE-AS level)


  • Secondary (Aug, 2020Apr, 2022) at DawnBell Academy, Gaborone, Botswana
    I am Biology and Chemistry (IGCSE) teacher, performing the following duties
    1. Exam preparation
    2. Lesson plans
    3. Exam marking


  • Bachelor degree in Education (science) (Aug, 2016May, 2020) from University of Botswana Gaborone main Campusscored CGPA 3.3

Fee details

    Pula250550/hour (US$19.3942.67/hour)


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