MANISH JAIN Linguist & Educationist since 2011, New Delhi
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Manish Kumar Jain
Educationist, Linguist & Language Trainer
Bhartiya, 37 y, Married

7500 Hrs completed as a tutor till September 2021

Bachelor Degree in Humanities ( with French, Urdu, Sociology, Psychology & Islamist ) from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi in 2011

Native & Interaction language (s) : Hindi & English

Tutoring Language(s) : Hindi, French & Russian

Mode : Online & Offline ( Individual & Group ) ( Delhi - NCR )

Methodology :
For creating a course or delivering a lesson, I always follow the guideline of << Common European Framework for Languages >> .

During my lessons, I use music, text documents, images & videos, news articles, magazines . My courses also have role play, free conversation, general learning, job interviews & working situations, and preparing for a trip . If a learner has academic needs i.e. exam, grade improvement in this case from time to time, I also take tests to see the progress .

Always I had good results with most of my learners . I offer efficient classes where a learner can become fluent in the target language

I am an ideal trainer for :
Educational Organization

Lessons also available for :
Politician, Diplomat, Bureaucrat
Entrepreneur, Skill Professional
Expat,Student, Kid, Housewife

Major Clients :
Delhi Technological University ( DCE )
Dalmia Bharat Group
British High Commission
Embassy of Belgium
Municipal Corporation of Delhi ( MCD )
Indian Armed Forces


* Can I help you with your CBSE, Cambridge & IB 's French syllabus ?
Yes, Of course !
Most of my students are from Doon, Bal Bharti, Modern, DPS, Sanskriti, Air Force School, Heritage Xperiential & ShriRam World School

* Do I have a separate French Course for Phonétique et Grammaire ?
Yes . I offer these courses

* Can I create a French Crash Course for gap year ?
Yes......I can do it

* Where you can enjoy my lessons ?
Delhi - NCR ( Gurugram | Noida | Vaishali | Vasundhara | Faridabad ) & Over Skype .
I can also offer my lessons at your place, if necessary

* Cost of lesson ?
INR 1650/- to INR 2800/- for 4 lesson (45 min*4)

Based on course, mode & slot
Transport & Meal Extra

* Availability
I am a full-time trainer ( 5 am to 11 pm IST )
To fix a slot, please contact me

* First lesson is fee ?
Sorry, but I don't entertain this type of request.

I am always ready to answer all your questions before the book our first lesson

So go ahead and pick the phone .......




Rating:10/10 Student Name : Abhi Modern School CP Delhi
Date : June 28, 2018

Sir, Abhi got 95 out of 100 in his French exam of class X. Thanks a lot for your time.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Harsh DPS Mathura Road
Date : May 29, 2018

I got 75 out of 80 in my French exam of class X. I would like to recommend Manish sir’s classes.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Oishani St Thomas CP Delhi
Date : May 29, 2018

I got 89 out of 100 in my board exam. As I was very weak in this subject so I took personal lessons and I got improvement in just 30 hours . Manish sir is a very good teacher. Thanks you for your sincere teaching


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Amit K Bose Regional Manager JK Tyre S Africa
Date : Mar 10, 2018

A professional, punctual and sincere teacher . Wish you all the best !


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Vinit Khatri National Defence Academy Pune
Date : Dec 10, 2017

I have Russian as a subject in my course .Mr Manish ‘s Russian course helped me a lot to understand this beautiful language . This course also help me to make basic conversations .I would like to recommend him


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Aditya Patel Businessman Kanpur
Date : Dec10, 2017

Manish Ji is a good teacher for Russian language learning,I would like to recommend him.Thanks.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Kusum Mudiya Class VIII Bal Bharti School Pusa Road Delhi
Date : Aug 11, 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. The service offered has been professional . My daughter has been topper in her class for last three years.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Ankur Chakraborty Class X Bal Bharti School Pusa Road Delhi
Date : July 05, 2017

I would like to thank Mr Manish Jain for all his hard work, patience, kindness and expertise. He has helped my son who is a student at Bal Bharti Public School Pusa Road,enormously and given him great confidence for his exams. He got 85 out of 100 . I would recommend Mr Manish highly to anyone looking for a French tutor.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Yash DPS R.K. Puram Class X
Date : July 05, 2017

Great tutor . I learned a lot . I got 75% in CBSE.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Anil Khatri Delhi Municipal Corp
Date : Apr 29, 2017

Your Russian course is an amazing program that introduces basic of Russian Language. After this course, I am able to read and write Russian . This course also help me to make basic conversations ……. I would thoroughly recommend this program


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Dr Ajay Kumar Dentist Cosmos Dental Canada
Date : Apr 29, 2017

A wonderful experience and a great exposure.Manish Ji helped me to figure out how to learn and speak Russian and how deep is the beauty of the language.He himself is an institute.
Highly recommended.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Saket, BBA Amity University Noida
Date : March 08, 2017

We were extremely pleased with Manish Sir. He was polite, professional and prompt at all times, and his good tutoring techniques extended and encouraged me. I got 47 out of 60 in my exam.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Aayan Mathur Shri Ram World School Gurugram
Date : March 08, 2017

I am writing to advise you that my son will no longer be needing French tuition as he has got into the top group and seems to be coping well. We were very pleased with the way that you helped Aayan in a very short period. He got 34 out of 40 in his ICSE exam. If I ever need my family to have tution again, I will come to you and would recommend you to anyone who needs help with French

©Dr Nidhi Mathur


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Yashwant Verma IAS Aspirant Jaipur
Date : March 01, 2017

I am taking classes from Mr. Manish. He is verily a calm and supportive teacher, made me believe that no prior knowledge of English or other language is required to learn French. I appreciate his teaching method and style of delivering lectures. I am taking individual classes from him. In individual classes a teacher can fully concentrate and understand your query areas, providing you the best possible solutions. So if you really want to enjoy the beauty of French language, I will suggest you to attend his classes.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Sachet Kaushik Class VII Summer Fields School Kailash Colony Date : Dec 5, 2016

Our son has been reluctant to date but bonded really well with Mr Jain. He is always getting second position in his class . This year,he got 72 out of 80 . Mr Jain will be ideal as a tutor for anyone.He is more than a tutor ……A great motivational !

©Mrs Deepti Sharma


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Ritik Bal Bharti Public School Pusa Road
Date : Aug 08, 2016

Thank you very much sir for your help and assistance in French over the past year. I got 95 out of 100 in CBSE. It has been a very rewarding experience and I’ve been most impressed with your organisations level of professionalism. Many times, you were strict with me during the lesson but today I am glad to mention it to here that you make French easy for me. Today it is a part of my routine life rather than a subject .


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Aviral Sahdev GD Gurgaon
Date : March 08, 2016

I have been tutored by Mr Manish Jain for IB Board for about 2 months now and I am thoroughly enjoying his sessions. He is extremely patient and explains things properly and repeatedly until I understand. I got 90 out of 100 in my final exam. He is a good tutor who puts me at ease. I would recommend him to anyone.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Nitin Sharma Mc'donalds India
Date : Aug 7, 2015

I am taking French classes by Mr Manish for my professional needs . During a short period with him, I found Mr Manish had a good command over French Language . I appreciate his teaching style . I recommend him


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Alessandra Torres
Date : Aug 3, 2015

Hi, I’m Alessandra,28, I’m from Brazil, I’m learning Hindi with Manish. He i s a wonderful teacher. he develops many skills during his dynamic classes . I’m glad to learn this course!


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Anoop Jose, Myanmar
Date : Aug 1, 2015

With great pleasure, I would like to say that Mr.Maneesh is a man who possess the qualities of a teacher. one quality which I would like to highlight is his patience to correct every mistake of the student. I find very comfortable in his class due to his friendly nature. whoever wish to do their studies in French, I suggest them to turn to Mr.Maneesh who has good command over the language. Wish you all the best.

©Mr Anoop Jose English Language Teacher with ESL Certification & Teacher at Brainworks-Total International School Thingangyun Myanmar.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Shilpa Manna Bal Bharti Public School Pusa Road Topper
Date : Jul 29, 2015

He is an excellent teacher for french language..Because of sir’s efforts I have been able to score good marks in French and get A1 grade in my report card. Due to his teaching in French I was able to secure cgpa 9.6 in my 9th standard.. Thank you sir !


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Teteia Mendes
Date : May 2, 2015

Manish is an excellent teacher. He has full command over the language and proposes tasks that facilitate learning. Learning a new language with a teacher as it is much easier.

©Teteia, Banker, Arari, Brazil


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Rubi Kim Lee
Date : Apr 18, 2015

Manish is a great french teacher. He’s all kindness and his instructions are very clear; you feel very comfortable when you learn the language… I entirely recommend him

©Rubi Kim, 6th semester management student at universidad veracruzana, Seoul, Mexico .


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Nadina, Russia
Date : Apr 12, 2015

Здравствуйте, MANISH! Ниже приведена моя рекомендация о вас, которую вы можете добавить в свой профиль. Благодарю! Nadina «Manish is excellent specialist in teaching. He has excellent human qualities. Me easily and interestingly learn with him Hindi. I recommend Manish.»


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Saranya Reji BA LLB Vivekanand Institute (IP University ) Haiderpur Delhi Date : Apr 10, 2015

Thank you very much sir, for teaching me French. In the beginning I swear, knew nothing about french and you taught me almost all that you could in such a short span of time. I got 58 out of 60 in my final exam . I will always be grateful to you sir.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Alexandra Bocharova, St Peterbourg
Date : Sep 23, 2014

Manish is a great and friendly teacher. He understands you and carefully teaches you. This is very important for student. I recommend him


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Gabriele Gonçalves, USA
Date : Jun 8, 2014

Manish is a great teacher. He gives clear instructions and is well organized. Very helpful. I recommend him.


Rating:10/10 Student Name : Elaine Cunha, Brazil
Date : Jun 5, 2014

Manish is very friendly and helpful teacher. It is so much fun to learn with him. He explains everything I asked for and always gave good advice for me. He is motivating and I also look forward to the classes


  • Russian (Beginner-Expert)

  • Ukrainian (Beginner-Expert)

  • Spoken Hindi (Beginner-Expert)

  • DELF/TCF (A level)

  • Hindi Grammar (Beginner)

  • Hindi Language - written and spoken (Beginner-Expert)

  • Russian language (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • IB French (Grade 4-Grade 10)

  • CBSE French (Grade 5-Grade 10)

  • ICSE French (Grade 4-Grade 10)

  • French DELF (Beginner-Expert)

  • French IGCSE (Grade 4-Grade 10)

  • Hindi for beginner (Beginner-Expert)

  • French class 10 (Beginner-Expert)

  • French beginner (Beginner-Expert)

  • French class 6 (Grade 6)

  • French class (Beginner-Expert)

  • Hindi for foreigners (Beginner-Expert)

  • French CBSE (Beginner-Expert)

  • Hindi for kids (Beginner-Expert)


  • Language Trainer (Jan, 2021Present) at BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION, NEW DELHI
    Design Courses For Learner
    Deliver Lessons to Embassy's staff
  • Language Trainer (Aug, 2019Present) at Dalmia Bharat Group
    Design Courses
    Deliver Lessons to Top Management
  • Professeur (Aug, 2018Present) at Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE), Delhi
    At DTU, I design and deliver French lessons to B.Tech 's students
  • Freelancer Language Trainer (May, 2011Present) at Freelancer and online tutor
    Design Personal Lessons for students, expats & professionals as per their need


  • Diploma (Apr, 2014Dec, 2015) from Russian Cultural Centre New Delhi
  • Bachelor (May, 2008May, 2011) from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Fee details

    5501,250/hour (US$7.4917.03/hour)

    Payment accept by UPI, PayTm, PayPal, Skrill, Bank Transfer

    ( 10% extra if pay by PayPal
    ; 5% for Skrill)
    Russian & French Courses for expat / beginner
    Cost is INR 25000/- for 30 hrs
    Hindi Course for Non Native Speaker
    Cost is INR 1650/- for 4 lessons of 45 min
    French Lesson for students
    INR 600/- to 1250/- per hour

    Depending on syllabus

    PS :
    *Please connect with me over WhatsApp or inbox me for a fair round table discussion.

    *Special discount for a group @ 75%

    *Transport & Meal Extra for visit


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