Afka Alikhan 3rd year Medical Student
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I'm Afka Alikhan, I'm 24. I'm a Medical student and doing part time teaching so that it would be a way of earning. BUT I don't see teaching as only my way of earning but the way to guide and make my student think smart and solve maths problem in a simple way which I used to follow when I was studying. So my way of teaching is 100% with good outcomes including myself. I make student to live with maths which make them understand the problem more easily and solve them in a smart way with exact steps to gain and achieve there target. While I teach many of my students are satisfied because they realise maths is not hard because we have to solve problems with what is given or mentioned in the question that's the point where we start working. Usually I start explaining theories based on simple life scenarios which they were keep on doing without knowing those were mathematics. Once they fall into my way of teaching I'm sure they will love maths and get flying colours in there upcoming exam. I hope that I expressed myself clear. If satisfied contact me. Thank you in advance. Hope meet you soon. Until then bye, take care.


  • Science (Primary) (Grade 1-Grade 10)

  • Math (Primary) (Grade 1-Grade 8)


  • Maths Teacher (Jan, 2015Jul, 2019) at Mukarramah International School, Colombo
    I was a maths teacher for Sri lankan syllabus from grade 6 till Ordinary level for more than 4 years.


  • MD(MBBS) (Sep, 2019now) from Tver State Medical University

Fee details

    1,0002,250/hour (US$16.7737.73/hour)

    Grade 4 and 5 - per hour 1000 ruble
    Grade 6 and 7 - per hour 1750 ruble
    Grade 8 and 9 - per hour 2250 ruble


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