Rahma Omary Teaching chemistry
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As a teacher I like teach a student by considering teacher centered approach,then after a certain time I allow to the student to give his or her opinion during the discussion, suggestions, ideas, misconception, reflection and the application of the discussed concept also during and after discussion I provide a questions were a student can practice in order to create a greater understanding of the student concerning with the concept discussed
And always for those students I teach they tend to change from the lower performance to the high performance because I like to motivate them and giving advice to them that in the world everything is simple when you struggle and during teaching and learning activities I like to use reflection and application in their environment in order for each concept which I teach to become more easily to them and to understand better


  • Biology (O level-A level)

  • Chemistry (O level-A level)

  • Physics (Grade 7-O level)


  • Teacher (Aug, 2021Jul, 2022) at Mbagala secondary school and zanaki secondary school
    -Field teacher at mbagala secondary school on September to November 2020 teaching chemistry and physics
    -field and volunteer teacher at zanaki secondary school on August 2021to July 2022 teaching chemistry
  • Teacher (Jun, 2019Aug, 2022) at Cloud education center
    Teacher of physics, chemistry, biology and basic applied mathematics for a-level
    Teacher of chemistry and physics for o-level


  • Bachelor of science with education (Nov, 2019Jul, 2022) from Dar-es-salaam university college of education (DUCE) in Dar-es-salaam

Fee details

    TSh30,00050,000/day (US$12.8621.44/day)

    Depends on total number of subject


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