Saida I am an English and French teacher
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I am à dedicate teacher I have a combined degree.I can teach English and French from beguinner to an expert level.I do my job with love.I enjoy sharing my passion with my students. I help the students Master the language and emmerse in a New culture.My methodology of teaching is to urge the students to rely on himself and do a lot of research.I have the agilité to attract the students to my subject and make them love the language and use the language outsider the classroom.My students are the best.


  • French TEF and TCF

  • English (Grammar & Linguistics) Beginner-Expert


  • English teacher (Sep, 2016Jun, 2019) at Ibn Sina Secondary School
    Preparing and delivering the lesson.Create a Nice atmosphere by classroom activities.Help the students descover the culture behind the language.prepare the exams and communicate with parents
  • French teacher (Sep, 2009Jun, 2014) at Al Rashid college
    Prepare and explain the lesson to the students. Expose the students to the culture of the language.Involve the students in the classroom activities.Encourage the students to do research on their own.Coordinate with the school management. Communicate with prents and preparing for exams.


  • Bachelor of English linguistics (Sep, 2000Aug, 2010) from Higher institute of langages of tunisscored 70%

Fee details

    DT1550/hour (US$4.9216.39/hour)

    The fee vary depending on the level of the students,time and content.


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