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Method: An approach is axiomatic, a method is procedural.
A generalized set of classroom specifications for accomplishing linguistic objectives.
Described as an overall plane for systematic presentation of language based upon a selected approach.
Technique: Implementational that which actually takes place in a classroom.
Must be consistent with a method, and therfore in harmony with an approach as well.
Strategy: Specific method of approaching a problem or task, modes of operation for achieving for controlling and manipluting certain information.
Methodology: Pedagogical practices in general ( including theoretical under_ pinnings and related research) therefore in harmony with an appeoach as well.


  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry (O level-A level)

  • A & AS Level Mathematics


  • Teaching (Sep, 2018Present) at Bahu uddin zykria University Multan


  • M.Sc Mathematics (Feb, 2018Oct, 2020) from ISP Multanscored 1778

Fee details

    Rs15,00025,000/month (US$62.58104.31/month)


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