Rana Koshaha Arabic for non-native speakers, PhD in psychology
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I welcome teaching and academic assistance in the following disciplines: Arabic for non-native speakers, educational psychology, psychological life, psychological counseling, psychometrics and pedagogy. My students say about me that my teaching style is distinguished and better than other teachers they knew. I make sure that my students achieve what they want to learn at the highest possible level, and that I provide them with the educational and learning opportunities they need, I also strive for equality and the value of diversity, and I do my best in any work I do.
I love teaching through effective dialogue and discussions, and it leads to positive results that are reflected in the student's creativity in learning and developing his abilities and potentials, and the students are always satisfied and happy with what they have learned with me. Sometimes my relationship with them becomes a friendship of respect and appreciation.


  • Educational Psychology (Expert)

  • Arabic for non-native speakers (Beginner)

  • Psychological Counseling (Intermediate)

  • Intelligence measurement (Expert)


  • faculty member (Jan, 2004Present) at Damascus University
    A faculty member at the Faculty of Education Ja - Damascus Department - Educational and Psychological Measurement and Evaluation Department. I taught courses such as psychometrics, intelligence and personality tests, measurement and evaluation in modern education, and I also taught at the Syrian Virtual University the measurement and evaluation course in modern education and the mental health course.


  • educational psychology (Nov, 1996Jan, 2004) from Cairo university

Fee details

    £S50,000245,000/month (US$19.997.53/month)

    Fees have varied due to economic changes over time


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