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I'm Alima and muftiyah and Qaria . I'm a professional
Quran Teacher . I have a experience for
6 year. ★Get Online Quran Teacher via WhatsApp, imo,messenger,Skype,zoom from for all Muslims. ( Learn Arabic rules (Grammar) with Urdu and English and arabic language
✔ Quran Courses
provides you and your family members with services of Quran reading, Quran learning, Quran recitation and holy Quran understanding through the knowledge and wisdom of our professionally trained holy Quran tutors.
The online Quran learning courses offered include:
✔ Qaida
✔ Prayer lesson(Namaz)
✔ 40 masnoon Prayers(40-Duas)
✔ Basic 6 kalmaas
✔ Quran Reading Lessons
✔ Holy Quran Memorization
✔ Quran Translation Lessons
✔ Urdu(language)
Teaching of rules of Quran Recitation.
1. A small monthly fee(hadya).
2. One to one class.
3. Join us anytime from anywhere.
4. Free trial classes.
5. Learn at your home.
6. Day and time of your choice.
7. Teaching in English and Urdu languages.
I am working as a Quran teacher since
Oct 2016.I am a native urdu speaker.
But I can speak English fluently and I
have an teaching experience Recitation, hafiz, Translate, Nazra,Arabic and Tajweed.
I have an experience in teaching with
forigen Male/Female and children.
I can manage multiple priorities.
I am dedicated, hard work, punctual,
organized and honest. I have a diploma
in alima course and dars e nizami in wifaq ul madaris and takhasus fil iftaa from Jamia Hafsa Islamabad.
If you
want to learn Quran so you can content
me forther.
will take you from zero level to advance
level in a good way in reading In Sha Allah.
with me you will be able to recite the
Quran and do Hafiz with the tajweed
rules easily and in a short time you
will read with your self without any help
because I have good method in teaching
Quran and tajweed and Arabic also and I
will teach you step by step. if you interested
to learn Quran or tajweed or recitation or
Hafiz or Arabic and hadith & Sunnah's just send me message and
send invitation for me and get a free class
in any time you want on this website
I would like to help any one to learn
my lovely language.I have a good staff available. JazakAllah khair.....


  • Quran and Arabic Expert

  • Quran & Tajweed Expert

  • Quran and Diniyaat Expert

  • Quran and Arabic for non Arabs Expert

  • Quran and Islamic studies Expert

  • Quran & Arabic Expert

  • Quran and Madani Qaida Expert

  • Quran & Memorization Expert

  • Quran & Tajweed in Tamil Expert

  • Quraan for beginners Expert

  • Quraan reading with Tajweed Expert

  • Quran and Duaa Expert

  • Quran and Hadith studies Expert

  • Quran and Aqaid Expert

  • Qura'an for English Speakers Expert

  • Quraan nazra, Hifz, Tafseer Expert

  • Quran & Ahkam Expert

  • Quraan (Recitation and Tajweed) Expert

  • Quraan and Duas Expert

  • Quran and Islamiat Expert


  • Teacher (Apr, 2019Sep, 2021) at The balance school sialkot
    I have 6 years of offline experience and 4 years of online experience۔۔
    Students are very happy with my teaching method Alhmdulillah..
    If you also want to read, you can benefit۔۔
    Jazakallah khair


  • Shahadat ul almiyah (Feb, 2008Oct, 2012) from M.a Islamic Studiesscored 3.9

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3 Reviews
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User Photo December 21, 2022
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Very brilliant teacher

extremely teacher for my daughter,she is smart and intelligent also great teaching skills ,mashaallah her teaching style very good,i am very happy to say that i want if any interested people want to read and learn so join with Qaria maria,A lot is taught and explained here.

User Photo December 21, 2022
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Masha ALLAH very brilliant teacher 🥰

Masha ALLAH great teacher with incredible knowledge, not only she teaches but also gives you great words of wisdom and encouragement.
She has a good grip with tajweed.
She has so much patience with students. I learn a lot from her. I recommend for anyone who want to learn Islam Quran, Hadees and Arabic.

User Photo November 25, 2022
Payment verified US$ 1 (50 Coins)

Explanation and Deep Knowledge

Her way of teaching and making difficult things easier so that one can understand and remember everything. I recommend her to everyone