Ritesh Khan Research scholar of Mathematics, Math lover

BEST possible guidance for LINEAR ALGEBRA,
Engineering Maths/University Maths(Pure & Applied both),
Real/Complex Analysis,
Abstract Algebra,

Now it's time to understand Mathematics and overcome the fear. It is not a so-called hard subject. If you practice it regularly and you have some clear cut concepts then this subject is no more difficult for you.
For this, firstly you have to change your mindset(viz. Some students think Mathematics is very tough. It is not for me. You're requested to change this type of mentality), none can change you unless you want to change yourself. Secondly, you need an excel tutor who can guide you properly. My role is just as a guide.


Each exam and course have different strategies. I will be teaching this subject from the basic level and then slowly move to a higher level. So that you have no more difficulties. There is a vast difference between Mathematics learning and problem solving for exam purposes. Mathematics is not a memorizing subject if anyone understands this subject thoroughly then he/she doesn't need to memorize formulae or problems.

Students must be serious and hard-working, don't need to be so-called 'Meritorious'. How I am teaching is totally different from the conventional method. I provide assignments, mock tests after each week and I always prefer to take surprise tests. I also help how to interpret a problem geometrically or what's the motivation behind it. It's more important to visualize a problem rather than solving it. So, If you want to master this subject then I am a suitable person who can help you. Also, please note that I teach not for money but to share my knowledge, and to improve my knowledge(It is not necessary that students will always learn from his/her teacher. Sometimes the converse is also true I think). In a nutshell, I enjoy teaching and feeling proud when I see my students' success.

I have been teaching for more than 6 years(offline and online both). As of now I have guided more than 40 students(online) from the US, UAE, Qatar, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, UK, Australia, France, Saudi Arabia, S Korea, Turkey, China, Ghana, Kuwait, etc. This is a great experience for me. I prefer to teach using online whiteboard(Miro/Aww/Concept Board) where both of us can write real time on the same screen to understand the subject in an effective way and after the class I send the pdf of the class materials.

I also helped a lot of students (about 70) in their assignments. My broad areas of Research are NUMERICAL METHODS(Using MATLAB, Python), DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS, LINEAR ALGEBRA, NUMERICAL LINEAR ALGEBRA, CALCULUS, LAPLACE TRANSFORMATION, etc. So, I can easily help you on these topics as well as PURE Mathematics(like REAL ANALYSIS, METRIC SPACES, ABSTRACT ALGEBRA, COMPLEX ANALYSIS, TOPOLOGY, etc) I am also thankful to them for providing me with good & challenging assignments.

The followings are the few important topics/courses that I taught so far.
1. VII-XII Maths, IIT JEE(Main & Adv.)Maths, IB, CBSE, IGCSE, OLYMPIAD, BSc(Maths), NET(Maths), etc.
2. AP Calculus(all), Calculus 1,2,3,4.
3. Real Analysis(I, II & III), Metric Spaces, Topology, Algebra( Groups, Rings, Field), Functional Analysis, Linear Algebra(Eng.), Calculus, Differential Equations, Numerical Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Methods, MATLAB for Numerical Methods(University Level).
4. IIT Foundation Maths, GRE Math.
5. Advanced Differential Equations, Laplace Transformation, Numerical solutions of PDE(University Level).
Here are the few books which I usually follow
*CALCULUS by James Stewart & Thomas' CALCULUS
**ADVANCED CALCULUS(Geometric View) by J.J. Callahan
***LINEAR ALGEBRA by Sheldon Axler. \\ & Hoffman Kunze. \\ & S H Friedberg.
****NUMERICAL METHODS(MATLAB) by Steven C Chapra.\\ & Laurene V Fausett.


Currently, I am pursuing my Doctoral Degree(Ph.D.) in Mathematics(Applied) at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras(IIT Chennai). I have a bright academic career till now and also qualified many competitive Exams like KVPY, JEE MAINS, WBJEE(West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam), IIT-JAM(MSc. Entrance in IITs)(AIR 240), GATE(AIR 67), NET(National Eligibility Test for Lecturership ) -JRF(AIR 9, AIR 50, AIR 65), etc. I was also an INSPIRE(DST)Fellow(SHE) in the period 2014-2019.

For more information Google my name.

▪︎If you are interested then feel free to contact me. Learn Mathematics & Enjoy Mathematics. Cheers! :)

Thanks & Regards,


  • Maths (Grade 8-Masters/Postgraduate)

  • Numerical methods (Beginner-Expert)

  • Calculus (Beginner-Expert)

  • Differential Equations (Beginner-Expert)

  • Numerical Analysis (Beginner-Expert)

  • Linear Algebra (Beginner-Expert)

  • Multivariable Calculus (Beginner-Expert)

  • Calculus 1, 2 (Beginner-Expert)

  • Calculus 3 (Beginner-Expert)

  • Real Analysis (Beginner-Expert)

  • Vector calculus (Beginner-Expert)

  • Algebra 1 and 2 (Beginner-Expert)

  • Engg Mathematics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Calculus 1 (Beginner-Expert)

  • Calculus 2 (Beginner-Expert)

  • Integral and Differential Calculus (Beginner-Expert)

  • Calculus 1, 2, 3, 4 (Beginner-Expert)

  • Differential Calculus (Beginner-Expert)

  • Differential and difference equations (Beginner-Expert)

  • Advanced Math (Beginner-Expert)


  • Teaching Assistant(TA) (Jul, 2019Present) at IIT MADRAS, chennai
    I am doing PhD here and also I have to work here as a TA.
  • Math Expert (Feb, 2019Present) at Study.com
    It is also an online platform for solving various types of problems.
  • Math Expert (Mar, 2017Jan, 2020) at Chegg India PVT LTD
    I was working online at Chegg.com as Q&A expert for the past 4 years. Here I provided the solutions of various types of problems to students mostly from the US. I had also worked as Advance Math Expert(Calculus, Analysis, Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Number Theory, etc). Due to lack of my time I left it in the beginning of 2020.


  • PhD in Mathematics (Jul, 2019now) from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennaiscored 9 CPA
  • Masters in Mathematics (Jul, 2017Jun, 2019) from Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute, Belur Math, Howrahscored 94.3%
  • BSc(Hons.) in Mathematics (Jun, 2014May, 2017) from Midnapore Collegescored 82%
  • Higher Secondary (Mar, 2013Jun, 2014) from Nayabast P.M.S. Niketanscored 88.2%
  • Secondary (Feb, 2011Mar, 2012) from Nayabast P.M.S. Niketanscored 94%

Fee details

    3,5005,500/hour (US$48.2275.77/hour)

    *For 11-12 grade Mathematics:- INR 15000/- to 20000/- per month (depends on students, requirements, time, distance, etc.) or
    INR 1200-2000/hr

    *Online teaching in India 1000-1500 INR/hr(for grade VIII to X) depending upon requirements.

    *For Graduation level Mathematics, depends on course and time.(Hourly charge 1500-2500)

    *I also offer Crash Course for a particular topics.

    *Online teaching in US 15-30$/hr.(All categories)

    *Assignment help rate:- Depends on assignment, its deadline and difficulty level(if applicable).

    *** N.B.-All rates are fixed. It's about learning not bargaining.

    Any type of suggestion is always welcome. Happy learning!

64 Reviews
5 out of 5

User Photo February 20, 2021
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Legend of MATLAB & Numerical Methods

Ritesh sir has a vast amount of Knowledge in Numerical Methods as well as MATLAB. To me he is the best ever Math instructor.

User Photo January 3, 2021
Payment not verified

Amazing Prof!😍

The best Numerical Methods teacher. I’m proud to work with him. Thank you ver much!!

User Photo December 24, 2020
Payment verified


He's a very good teacher. I had a problem with some math subjects and he taught me it, and he's committed to time.

User Photo December 21, 2020
Payment not verified

Smart, excellent at Calculus 1,2

Ritesh is one of the best Calculus teachers I have ever seen, knowledgeable, smart and hard working. 100% recommended.

User Photo December 18, 2020
Payment not verified

Calculus & Linear Algebra

Professional, smart one of the most most talented teachers ever. Very deep knowledge in subjects matter. He deserves infinite stars ⭐️———> infinite 😄

User Photo December 16, 2020
Payment not verified

Most talented Calculus 1 teacher

Best Calculus teacher. Thanks for everything sir 🌹

User Photo December 6, 2020
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He is a Genius man! Linear Algebra

I am glad that I found Linear Algebra teacher like him in this site. I was astonished with his in-depth knowledge over the subject. For example, I was unable to figure out the section Diagonalization in Linear Algebra. I couldn’t recover a single word from book. But after doing his class it’s pretty much clear to me. Anyone can count his blindly. Happy to work with you sir!

User Photo November 26, 2020
Payment verified

Best pre-calculus tutor(REVIEW)

Amazing! One of the best Calculus teachers. Thanks 🙏

User Photo November 17, 2020
Payment not verified

Best calculus 2 teacher

Amazing experience with this tutor and i 100% recommend him

User Photo November 15, 2020
Payment not verified


Ritesh is very friendly and smart. I am impressed by his sound knowledge in CALCULUS as well as Linear Alg. Thank you so much sir. I really appreciate that though you’re very busy, you taught me few days.

User Photo November 1, 2020
Payment not verified

Review-Fabulous teacher at Linear Algebra

Best ever Linear Algebra tutor with vast amount of knowledge. In depth knowledge in Matrix Analysis at University Level. Strongly recommended to enthusiastic students.

User Photo October 29, 2020
Payment not verified

Numerical Methods using MATLAB(Review)

One of the best tutors I had seen yet, a real Mathematical GEM💎. He can explain any problem very well. Also good at MATLAB. Thanks sir.

User Photo October 18, 2020
Payment not verified


Supportive, helpful. Best Calculus 3 tutor. 😍

User Photo October 15, 2020
Payment not verified

Review about Numerical Methods work

Does amazing work! Superb!! All concepts are pretty much clear. He is the best tutor ever at Numerical Methods. Thanks sir for giving me the opportunity to work with you🙏

User Photo October 9, 2020
Payment not verified

Helped me a lot in Linear Algebra

He helped me a lot to clear the doubts in my Linear Algebra course. I was surprised by his deep knowledge and command over the subject matter. Also he can explain it a nice way. Happy to deal with him.

User Photo October 3, 2020
Payment not verified

Amazing Calculus 1,2 specialist and excellent teaching skill.

Mr. Khan is an amazing Calculus expert. He has the knowledge of any concept in depth. Initially, I was afraid of Calculus and was unable to figure out many topics. But Ritesh sir made it easier by giving real life examples and geometrical interpretations. Also he can explain a topic in different ways which makes him more attractive. Now I can handle the calculus on my own and the credit goes to him. Thank you so much sir for sharing your knowledge and spending your precious time with me.

User Photo September 25, 2020
Payment verified

Best Linear Algebra Tutor ever

He is one of the best teachers, I would like to appreciate his commitment, hard work and patience. 100% Recommended to anyone. May Almighty bless him.

User Photo September 23, 2020
Payment not verified

A perfect Calculus 3 tutor, nice experience

Mr. Khan is very knowledgeable and taught my son Calculus in an efficient way. He is patient, friendly, punctual and always encouraged my son to understand the meaning of a problem rather than solving it blindly. I am very lucky that he gave us his precious time from busy schedule. If anyone want to learn Calculus then go for him. For sure, you won’t regret. Thank you Ritesh, Good luck!
With regards,
Srinivasan Rao

User Photo September 18, 2020
Payment not verified

Great skill and Command over Numerical Methods

Magnificent! Ritesh Khan has very good knowledge in Numerical Methods. He also helped me a lot to learn basics of MATLAB. He deserves 10 stars. Thanks 😊

User Photo September 12, 2020
Payment not verified

An honest review about a great tutor.

Throughout my life I have come across various teachers, almost all of them are more or less same, but this person has something new. I found the interest in Algebra for him. Literally saying one of the best Algebra(Linear) tutors. Thanks a ton Ritesh.

User Photo September 7, 2020
Payment not verified

Knowledgeable and experienced Numerical Analysis tutor

Very good experience to work with him. Besides being a very talented teacher he is also gentle and patient. Thank you man for your time. Recommended to anyone.

User Photo September 5, 2020
Payment not verified


Amazing command over Linear Algebra. Very helpful and prompt. Strongly recommended to anyone.

User Photo September 2, 2020
Payment not verified

Differential Equations

Great personality, polite, punctual. Helped me a lot from his busy schedule. Thank you very much Mr. Ritesh.

User Photo September 1, 2020
Payment verified

Excellent Calculus Tutor with vast knowledge

Very talented and meticulous in his approach. One of the best Pre Calculus and Calculus teachers. Don’t looking for anywhere else, he is the most appropriate in these topics. Thank you!

User Photo August 29, 2020
Payment not verified

Review regarding Math Olympiad

Ritesh is the most talented person who can explain complex things of Olympiad in a very simple way that anyone can understand easily. I requested him to take a crash course of Math Olympiad for my son and I am happy to see the improvements. Recommended to any Olympiad aspirant.

User Photo August 29, 2020
Payment not verified

Incredible, precise, and efficient

Working with Ritesh was a wonderful experience that culminated with a full mark on my final exam!

User Photo August 27, 2020
Payment not verified

Happy to see improvement of my son

He is a great teacher. Helped to improve the knowledge in Calculus and Geometry of my 11 grader son. I can confidently recommend Ritesh to anyone who willing to learn Mathematics. Thank you so much.

User Photo August 25, 2020
Payment not verified

Wonderful Teacher!!!

I took help for clearing some doubts of Differential, Integral Calculus and Trigonometry. He is really amazing! Perhaps best in these topics. For sure he is a right person who can help you to understand it.
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

User Photo August 21, 2020
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Review- Best Calculus teacher

He has very good knowledge in integral calculus and precalculus. He has the ability to explain a topics in various way. A very nice experience with this bright man. Definitely recommended to anyone.

User Photo August 19, 2020
Payment not verified

Extremely Knowledgeable and great skills

He is the best trainer I have met so far, he trained me Differential Equations for one month. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly person. I have improved significantly in this one month and achieved my goal. Thank you 🙏 for everything, credits goes to you. Wish you a very successful future.

User Photo August 10, 2020
Payment not verified

Extremely Talented & Productive Teacher

Very reliable and talented teacher. He helped me a lot in Real Analysis. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again.

User Photo August 8, 2020
Payment not verified

An exceptional Mathematics Teacher !!

He is an outstanding teacher as well as an very gentle man. No words to explain his knowledge. His profound knowledge in Calculus helped my son to get a good score. Now he is a role model to my son. Thank you Teacher on for providing such a platform to come across this brilliant teacher. Thank you Ritesh.

User Photo August 5, 2020
Payment verified

The most amazing Math teacher in my life

Undoubtedly he is the best Linear Algebra teacher I have ever come across. He is very polite, smart and supportive. I never found this subject hard because I know he is there to guide me. Thank you very much sir:)😎

User Photo July 30, 2020
Payment not verified

An extraordinary CALCULUS teacher

He can easily develops interest towards Calculus, a born teacher. His profound knowledge of Calculus helped me to create a deep interest towards this subject. No doubt the best Mathematics teacher I had ever seen till date.

User Photo July 27, 2020
Payment not verified

Very helpful, reliable, intelligent Tutor.

He possesses tremendous knowledge in Linear Algebra. Mainly I want to emphasize on his teaching methodology, the way in which he teaches One can never forget a concept and don’t need to study second time. Really very good explanation and helped me to clear the doubts. I would like to give him more than 5 stars.

User Photo July 22, 2020
Payment not verified

Best of the best at Linear Algebra, Amazing!!!!

Mr. Ritesh is one of the best Linear Algebra tutors. I couldn’t attend some Linear Algebra lectures at my University due to some health issues. He helped me immensely to clear all the doubts. He also has sound knowledge in many Mathematics oriented subjects. Also he is very polite, trust -worthy and very smart, Highly recommended. Wishing you a successful future sir. Thank you, Take care.

User Photo July 20, 2020
Payment not verified

GOD of Pure Mathematics

Ritesh Ji is the BEST pure Math Tutor.✌️✌️✌️ Thanks bro❤️❤️

User Photo July 19, 2020
Payment not verified

Best at Linear Algebra

He has in-depth knowledge in Linear Algebra. Thanks.

User Photo July 17, 2020
Payment not verified

A world class teacher of Calculus as well as Linear Algebra

I am writing this review after associated with sir for the past 6 months. {At the very first while I was searching for a Math tutor(Specially for Calculus & Linear Algebra) so many tutors were appear and I chose the first tutor available in the list & it was a blunder, that tutor was totally nonsense & I am sure that his degrees are also fake, just to attract student. Later I understood that the rank is not based upon quality this just based upon a premium membership.}

Somehow I found Mr. Ritesh in this site and asked for some trial classes. Anything what I am going to say will be less for him. I was astonished with his in-depth knowledge in Calculus and teaching methodology. His work is like an artist! Sometimes I feel myself lucky that he was my teacher. Thank you for everything.

User Photo July 15, 2020
Payment not verified

Amazing Teacher and a thorough professional...

Thank you Ritesh for patiently explaning all the topics with examples. You command on the subject is stellar and your patience is your gift. Than you very much for your help. A though professional with sound command on the subject.

Highly recommend to anyone !!!

User Photo July 13, 2020
Payment not verified

Highly skilled intelligent Teacher. Excellent at Advanced Algebra and Geometry

Ritesh is best teacher I have ever met so far, a talented, professional guy. He has a very deep concepts in 3D geometry and can use a lot of software to make me understand smartly. I was totally spellbound. It is not possible to explain everything here. In a nutshell he is a compact package. Awesome experience with this multi-talented tutor.

User Photo July 11, 2020
Payment not verified

Great ! in Numerical Methods and Linear Algebra

Mr Khan, is the best tutor at Numerical Methods and MATLAB. He helped me a lot. He is also great at Linear Algebra. He is knowledgeable and very smart. 100% recommended. 10 STARS
Thank You.

User Photo July 7, 2020
Payment not verified

Amazing work! Very reliable ,fast and accurate

He did amazing work at Differential equations. Good teacher.

User Photo July 4, 2020
Payment not verified

Best at Linear Algebra

He is the best Linear Algebra Teacher, does amazing works. Strongly recommended.

User Photo July 3, 2020
Payment not verified

EXPERT of Experts, AMAZING!!! at Numerical Methods and Calculus

Mr Ritesh Khan is the best Numerical Methods & Calculus teacher I had ever seen. He is knowledgeable. His concepts are crystal clear and has a very good knowledge in MATLAB too. I was unable to understand a few concepts in Numerical Methods and Calculus 4. But he cleared all the doubts. His teaching Methodology is really outstanding as well as enjoyable. If you want to learn these subjects then I think he is the BEST person.
10/10, Strongly Recommended ******

User Photo June 28, 2020
Payment not verified

Good and fast answers

He is an extraordinary teacher and helped me a lot in the shortest time possible.

User Photo June 26, 2020
Payment not verified

Best Mathematics Teacher

Ritesh is the best Math teacher whom I found in this website for my ward. He is very helpful and smart in his approach. My son is enjoying his journey in Calculus. Thanks.

User Photo June 24, 2020
Payment verified

Best calculus Teacher

Ritesh sir is the best Calculus teacher. He had been teaching me calculus for the last 4 months. Now I have the confidence that I can do any problem from Calculus and Differential Equation. I am grateful to him.

User Photo June 23, 2020
Payment not verified

Parents review

Ritesh is the best Math teacher whom I found in this site. His teaching style is very unique. He is very knowledgeable he trained my 10th grader son for Math Olympiad. Really a very good experience with this talented teacher.

User Photo June 22, 2020
Payment verified

Great at Numerical Methods

He is capable at what he is doing. I recommend him. He helped me a lot.

User Photo June 20, 2020
Payment not verified

Best in Numerical Methods

Ritesh helped me a lot in my previous semester in Numerical Analysis. Highly recommend.

User Photo June 19, 2020
Payment not verified

Calculus and Differential Equations

Sir taught me Calculus 2 and Differential equations for the previous semester. I was very weak in these topics. But he cleared all my doubts and helped me a lot. He can explain a topics in various way, it is only possible if that person has immense knowledge. No doubt he is one of the best teachers I had ever. If you can trust my words then you can definitely go for him, he will never let you down.

User Photo June 17, 2020
Payment not verified

Linear Algebra

Very knowledgable and helpful. Provided detailed solutions for the questions, and helped clear any doubts. Would definitely recommend.

User Photo June 15, 2020
Payment not verified

Best teacher for Advanced Linear Algebra

I was really in trouble just before 1hr of my exam. Somehow i found this site and this tutor. Actually the topics were a bit advanced in Linear Algebra it was basically application of Linear Algebra. The questions were very weird and difficult to manage within 2hrs, it also required some applications of MATLAB. Ritesh is really amazing & Fast!! For me the best one. I was really wondered and got A+ grade.
Thank you sir
Jacob H.

User Photo June 3, 2020
Payment verified

Best Calculus 4 & Real Analysis Tutor + More than 100% satisfied

Ritesh is very knowledgeable and try to understand the problems of a student. I am very much satisfied with him for my calculus 4 & Real Analysis exam. In calculus 4, I got 100/100 & in Real Analysis I got 95/100!! Amazing!! He is the Best calculus teacher I had ever & an automatic choice for Higher Level Math. Highly recommend. I am grateful to you...
Thank you, Take care.

User Photo May 31, 2020
Payment not verified

Best Math teacher

Ritesh Khan is one of the best mathematics teachers I have ever had. Trustworthy and highly recommended.

User Photo May 31, 2020
Payment verified

Excellent 10/10

Highly Recommend, fast, trustworthy and very knowledgeable!!

User Photo May 15, 2020
Payment not verified

Good teacher with in-depth knowledge

Ritesh is patient, plans it well and clears all the doubts.
A good experience.

User Photo May 10, 2020
Payment not verified



User Photo May 6, 2020
Payment not verified


Perfect tutor and on time

User Photo May 5, 2020
Payment not verified

Best teacher of Linear Algebra and Analysis

No doubt he is the best teacher of Linear Algebra I had ever seen. He loves to solve a problem in different approaches and a very polite man. If you want to improve your knowledge in Mathematics then definitely go for him.


User Photo April 29, 2020
Payment not verified

Numerical Methods

Best tutor ever!!

User Photo April 16, 2020
Payment not verified

Very knowledgable and friendly

Ritesh is an outstanding teacher, very meticulous in his approach. What I like most about his tutoring is that he provides feedback after each class. He also helped my son in Physics. Although the teaching method was online, He is very adaptive as my son is in Netherlands curriculum, but has no issues in view of his teaching methods and clarity of topics. I will strongly recommend him. Thanks Ritesh.

User Photo January 30, 2020
Payment not verified

Outstanding teacher with student friendly.

An outstanding teacher with deep knowledge, not only in Mathematics but other subjects too. He also helps in Assignment.