Igor Costisen Chemistry
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I have been teaching chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, biology, and theory of inventive problem solving to disciples from the former Soviet Union (Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, and Kazahstan), the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and the United States.

I have been a private teacher in chemistry and biology since 2007. I teach in Russian and English according to the general educational programs of Russia and Great Britain. I studied at Edinburgh University (School of Biological Sciences), Lund University (Faculty of Natural Sciences, Center for Chemistry), completed postgraduate studies at the Academy of Sciences. I worked as a chief technologist, head of a laboratory, supervisor, teacher of chemistry.

I prepare for admission to medical higher and secondary specialized educational institutions both in Russia (USE and OGE in chemistry and biology), and in the countries of the European Union (iGCSE, A-level), and North America (high school, AP), as well as Israel, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. I am preparing for admission to universities in these countries in chemistry and biology.

In addition, I prepare for admission to technical schools in subjects related to chemical technology, metal and non-metal coating technology, printing technology and food packaging technology, as well as air and wastewater treatment technologies.

I teach Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.

I prepare in chemistry, biology and the above technological disciplines for admission to master's and doctoral studies in Russia and Western countries.

I prepare for GRE tests in chemistry and biology for admission to master's programs in the USA.


  • Chemical engineering Beginner-Expert

  • Chemistry & Biology Beginner-Expert

  • Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry Beginner-Expert


  • Teacher Methodologist (Jun, 2021Feb, 2022) at Gold 585
    Development of a website for the British school curricula (GCSE and A-level), the American one (High school and AP), and the Russian school programme (in-depth and specialized education): collection of educational videos and text materials, video and text problems.
  • Chief-technologist (Aug, 2019Jan, 2021) at Restricted liability society 'Firstline'
    Management of the department of the chief technologist, control of technological processes, development of new technologies in the field of food packaging.
  • Chief-technologist (Aug, 2013Dec, 2015) at Joint-stock company ‘NPT’
    Introduction and development in Russia of an American nickel-boron coating technology, control of technological processes, management of the department and the relevant industrial joint projects.
  • Head of the laboratory (Jul, 2012Aug, 2013) at Joint Stock Company ‘Impuls’
    Management of the laboratory, development of new analytical techniques, control of technological processes.
  • Chemistry and Biology Tutor, Chemical Engineering Tuttor, Medicinal Chemistry Tutor, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving Tutor (Mar, 2007Present) at self employed
    I have been tutoring chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical chemistry, biology, science, and theory of inventive problem solving to disciples from the former Soviet Union (Moldova, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kazahstan), the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Canada, Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.


  • Certificate (Jan, 2021Nov, 2021) from KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Postgraduate Cerificate in New Generation Drug Discovery (Oct, 2013Nov, 2019) from University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Exchange studies (Jan, 2001Jun, 2001) from Lund University
  • Doctor in Chemistry (Nov, 2000Dec, 2004) from Academy of Sciences of Moldova
  • Licentiate in Chemistry (Sep, 1977Jun, 2000) from Moldova State University, Chisinau

Fee details

    Leu3431,210/hour (US$18.2964.53/hour)

    Depending on the student's possibilities and difficulty of the subject.


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