Zeinur IB Math, Physics Tutor. Also worked on A-Level
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Most of the students have difficulties with mathematics and there are different reasons:
1) Your teacher didn't helped you to understand the topics and the gap was created
2) Unmotivation due to the gap of knowledge and difficulty of topics
3) There was no one that could made your math experience entertained and fun
To avoid that problems and solve that crisis in math, you need a good teacher and friend, that can help you to go through this journey!
My name is Zeinur and I want you to help learn the math and help you in your way, whether you want to fill the gap in knowledge for:
1) Passing exam
2) Learning new things
3) Your work
I passed IB DP programm and worked with many students from different countries and they all got better in math and got good results and you will also be able to do it!


  • Math (IB) Grade 11-Diploma

  • Math - Linear Algebra Bachelors/Undergraduate

  • Math (International A Level)

  • Math (11th)

  • Math (A-level)


  • Mathematics Teacher (Jan, 2020Mar, 2022) at Nazarbaev International School Nur-Sultan IB
    My job was working with the Grade 11-12 students for Math HL/SL preparation, also for Math AA SL/HL and Math AI SL/HL courses for the last year. By far from this two year experience, my students got on average 6/7 for Math SL/HL courses and all of them by far are studying in Math or Math related majors (Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Physics) with good grades


  • Differential Equation Department (Sep, 2019now) from Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Higher Secondary (Sep, 2015May, 2017) from Nazarbaev International School Nur-Sultan IBscored 37

Fee details

    30,00080,000/week (US$66.62177.66/week)

    The prices for Math and Physics courses are 10000/hour and I work usually 3-4 lessons for 1-1.5 hours. You can check my work by first lesson, which is 5000/hour and last for 2 hours, where I check the knowledge of the student and work out our chemistry for working and learning math


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